I have wanted to do a shoot at the UW campus for *years*, and finally had the opportunity to when a client said “I’m totally open to locations- you pick!”. I’ve had plenty of clients say this to me before, but always forgot about campus. I couldn’t have had a better day (a break in the rain) or a better subject. I love Maddie!


Here Maddie’s mom was playing hide-and-go-seek behind the pillars. Maddie is trying to figure out where she is. So. Cute.


I nearly deleted the shot on the right because it was so dark, but was really glad I didn’t after I had lightened it up. Lol,


FYI: Maddie is an older pitbull mix gal. Super sweet and fairly shy temperament. Total momma’s girl.



Poor girl is losing her vision, but loved playing fetch. This resulted in some tentativeness when the ball was falling out of the sky, but boy was she happy once she got it in her mouth.



The columns in Red Square.



This shoot totally took me back to my days as a student there. You can bet this won’t be the last shoot I do on campus. Next time when there aren’t so many students I’ll get more shots in front of the gorgeous buildings. It’s such a beautiful place to photograph.


Thanks so much Sarah and Maddie for a wonderful shoot! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Maddie

  1. I can see why you’ve been wanting to shoot there for so long, it’s such a worldly spot for a dog like Maddie that’s been around the block – congratulations on such great images! 😆

  2. What a DELIGHTFUL shoot! As they always seem to be. What a lovely, lovely spot to snap away. She totally fits in there. 🙂 You are amazing … I think it every single time I see your photos … and again, here you are, being amazing.

  3. What a studious subject. You’d never know she was losing her sight, her eyes are still bright and clear. She’s absolutely gorgeous. I love the gray on her face and her big caramel eyes!!!!!

  4. I am amazed with all of your work…but these are some of my favs! I love the huge brown eyes and the flopped over right ear! You did a great job of really capturing Maddie’s gamut of emotions…nice, Jaime!

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