Eli & Charlie

Eli and Charlie are two super sweet lab boys who live out in Monroe Washington. We had a beautiful fall day for our shoot and I couldn’t have been happier. We all had a blast and I’m in love with the colors that came from this shoot. Mmmm color. 🙂



The boys share their home with a beautiful parrot: Mr Peepers. He cracked me up the entire time we were inside because he mocked everything I said. He’d repeat after me: “noo, sit. Stay. Good Boy!”. Even when I made happy squeaky noises when I got a great shot he’d repeat that too. It was hilarious.


This is Charlie. He was the shy one. But the cute looks he gave me were sooo cute.


And Eli? Well Eli was all ham. (And I’m pretty sure this is the first truly horizontal tongue I have ever captured)


I will show you guys in an upcoming post how easy it is to make silhouettes from custom shapes using a Wacom graphics tablet.




Charlie and his favorite toy, looking over his shoulder at his daddy. (awwww)



Both boys with their favorite toys. These shots make me smile.


Hope you enjoyed Eli and Charlie! More new dog shots + a contest coming up!

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  1. Absolutely wonderful. I’ve met the dogs and the photos really capture their personalities. Thank you for sharing online.

  2. Absolutely LOVE the picture out of the back of the Toyota…I would so put that on my wall in canvas…love it.

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