Oscar Chicago (best shoot ever)

You guys remember when I introduced Oscar several weeks ago and said that he may well have been my best shoot ever? Well, all I can say is that if every shoot went as well as his did, I’d be in pet photography heaven. It was *awesome*. These are long overdue but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. 🙂



Friday shoots during workshops are mock client shoots. An opportunity for me to just do my thing and have the attendees watch me. I couldn’t have had a better model or client for this shoot, and had the greatest time. I heard a lot of laughs from the group behind me, and based on the look on Oscar’s face, he had a pretty good time too.


dogs + grass = happiness



the best people + pet shots are completely, totally, 100% unposed organic IMHO


above and below: Canon 70-200mm  f/4.0 IS L


“love and marraige, love and marriage”. Could *not* figure out why everyone kept singing this to me when we were there. Ha!


Canon 20mm f/2.8


Brian and Oscar thank you SO much for giving me such a fantastic time and for being so great during our mock shoot in Chicago. I have memories from that day that I will cherish forever, and I hope you guys had a great time too.

More blog posts very soon!

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