Jamie’s remedy for the fall & winter blues

Every year around this time I look forward to Halloween (my very favorite holiday), but with a sense of gloom hanging over my head. You see, it rains in Seattle from November through March. Often times a lot. It’s dark and gloomy and windy and cold and wet. Fun. Not.

This year I decided to go into the fall season with a strategy at hand, much like I do for most business stuff. With just a few new things put in place, I am actually looking forward to the change in weather. Maybe this will spark some ideas in you for little things you can do to prevent your own fall and winter blues. 🙂

The following are all things I have added to my arsenal for this fall and winter and I love them all! Click on the images to go straight to the products from the vendors I purchased from.

Chooka Tokidoki rain boots. I **LOVE** these boots! No longer do I have to dread going to the dog park or for a short walk in the rain. I come home, slip off my uber-stylish boots, and my feet are nice and dry. From endless.com

When it gets cold, I have my toasty North Face Nuptse down and Denali fleece jackets. But sometimes they just aren’t fancy enough, and let’s face it, they are very Seattle of me. I decided to add something a little bit dressier to my mix of cold-weather coats.

Miss Sixty double-breasted wool trench coat in purple.

This is a beautifully cut coat, and super flattering. The pleats in front and back are to die for, and it looks fantastic with the collar turned up high. And of these things combined with heavy and warm equal a coat I will be happily wearing on the coldest of days this winter. From overstock.com


I’m currently living in a fantastic, older craftsman style home. Unfortunately for me, it’s drafty. And by drafty, I mean cold. An easy remedy was this pretty velvet quilt from Ikea. It’s heavy, warm, and soft. Perfect. Warning: boys, this is not for you. It’s pink. HOT pink. From Ikea.

Ikea Astrakan velvet quilt.


And don’t think I forgot about the dog! She hates the rain, and needs something fun to prevent her own seasonal affective disorder. Enter the glowing fetch ball. With the shorter days we like to go to the park at night, and the problem we’ve had is that you can’t see the tennis balls when thrown. The glowing balls are a brilliant solution, and we have had a great time using them. I have two of these beauties. One is a K-9 Meteor Light Ball and the 2nd a Chuckit glow ball. I love the K-9 Meteor ball, because once activated, it changes colors every few seconds. It’s super fun watching Fergie run with it in her mouth. All I can see coming toward me in the dark is the bouncing glowing ball. Love it! From amazon.com (both balls).

K-9 Disco Meteorlight Ball.


Chuckit Glow ball.

Solid rubber glow ball. Fits in the chuckit for long-range throwing.


One of the reasons why I think Fergie is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix is because my girl gets cold really easily. She loves to lay in direct sun on the hottest of days, and curls into a ball when it gets below 50 degrees. Last year I bought a beautiful handknit wool Chilly Dog sweater for her not unlike the one pictured here. She hates wearing clothes, but on the coldest of days when we are out walking I think she secretly thanks me. Purchased at Lucky Dog Outfitters in Tacoma.

Chilly Dogs hand-knit wool sweater.


Hope this gave y’all some good inspiration on how to have a happier, more fun fall and winter!

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  1. That coat is beautiful!! I love your idea of coming at the gloomy season from a proactive position. It’s great! I now live in the land of sun (Phoenix, AZ), but I grew up in Michigan (for 21 years), and I get gloom. It’s not Seattle rain, but it’s gray and wet. This is a wonderful idea that I’ll share with my people from home. Good luck!! 🙂

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