Lenny & Laila

My apologies for the sparse blog posts lately. Seems as though I am buried in emails. I have lots more images to share with you guys, so be patient with me and I promise to reward you.

A few of my favorites of Lenny and Laila, two boxer ‘siblings’ whose shoot was on an absolutely gorgeous evening.


And you guys remember this one:



I really should have done an animated GIF for these two. Flipping back and forth in LR was cracking me up. (sorry about the crappy quality of these shots, I swear they looked great in PS!)


Tell me these two shots below don’t have boxer dog written all over them. FYI: those white specks you see in the shot on the right are spit flying. Oh yes, I love my job.


I love it when siblings ‘share’.



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8 thoughts on “Lenny & Laila

  1. 😀

    Hi Jamie, I’m a new pet photographer in Austin, TX photographing dogs, cats and horses. I stumbled upon your website and absolutely adore your work…! Also, thank you for providing so many resources!

  2. Aw, they’re so cute! I love Boxers. And I totally understand the flipping back and forth in Lightroom thing – I do it all the time! 🙂

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