Branimir the handsome dalmation

Branimir’s shoot was done recently on the waterfront on a beautiful cloudless sky. Brani is owned by the nicest couple you will ever meet- Bill and Nicki Walters, owners of the fabulous and popular Pooper Trooper service. Bill and Nicki have a fantastic business with just about the best customer service in the greater Seattle area, and are passionate about the environment, which makes me love them even more. And it is no surprise that their pooch is a loverboy as well. If you are in need of yard cleaning services, please please give them a shout. You might even get to meet their sweet boy Brani.


I love the colors in the ones against the concrete, with just the blue sky in the background for color, and mostly shades of black white and grey in the rest of the frame.


Running dogs shots are some of my very favorites! I’m a big fan of dynamic pet images with movement. 🙂




Check out the black heart spot he has below his ear. Awww. Totally fits this sweet boy.



As if the upcoming Chicago workshop wasn’t exciting enough, there are some super exciting things in the works behind the scenes. Probably won’t be able to post on them until mid September, but one of them will be coming up this week! (Maybe even later today). Stay tuned. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Branimir the handsome dalmation

  1. Nice Jamie, very nice!

    Years ago my husband and I had a Dal and boy I’ll tell you, if there was ever a dog that liked to run it was her! I’m sure that was no problem with Brani either. He’s got good looking spots (and chops) too. LOL!

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