a few Boston faves | Boston Pet Photography Workshop

These are all shots from the Boston Cowbelly Workshop that took place this last weekend (Friday through Sunday) in the Beacon Hill neighborhood in Boston. I have lots more to share with you guys of each dog, but wanted to show you my top favorites first to whet your whistle. πŸ™‚

Ginger. Boxer. Friday’s model.


Ginger is the sweetest dog, so it makes sense that she has the sweetest family.


Thatcher. Bulldog girl. Sunday’s first model. That second shot on the right is one of my very favorites from the weekend. That’s the amazing Liberty Hotel behind her, where we held the workshop in an incredible Charles River Suite. More hotel pics later.


Ginger was a *fantastic* model. I’ve got ‘behind the scenes’ shots of this shot, with all 16 of us photographers gathered around the sidewalk each taking our version of this photograph. It was a riot and stopped pretty much everyone passing by in their tracks.


Remi, short for Remington. Puggle. Sunday model. Here he is standing in front of one of the Liberty walls, which had the coolest historical information on it in stone.



LOL. can you see the smiles on everyone’s faces behind him below? I love how his eye is closed in the shot on the right. I have another one of him running with both eyes closed. Remi is a riot!


This is Marley. She is a miniature chocolate brown poodle. She is the spunkiest, friendliest, most social mini poodle I have ever met, and has the *best* personality. Plus she is a very pretty girl, which I love. We did Marley’s shoot at Lederman Field, on the north end of the Esplanade.


Awwww, love her pretty pink tag. And yes, I covered up her phone number, lest any of Marley’s new fans try and track her down. A photo shoot star does need their privacy you know.


And last but not least we have Buddy. Buddy carved his way into my heart instantly. I am a huge lover of big labs, especially labs that may be mixed with mastiff or another giant breed. I suspect Buddy has some English Mastiff going on. His feet are enormous, and he sort of saunters when he walks just like a mastiff does. Plus he has a really laid back, easygoing personality, just like a mastiff. I want a ‘Buddy’ for Fergie so bad it hurts. I hope I find one someday! Buddy is a rescue dog, which is the only kind of dog I will ever get, so it gives me hope. πŸ™‚



I have many, many more shots to share with you guys. But first I have a boatload of stuff to do before the Chicago workshop this weekend! I’m back in Seattle to steal a few precious moments with my Fergie girl, and hopefully swim in the pool if the sun comes back out, then off to Chicago on Thursday. Hopefully I can post more shots before I leave. I have some Boston Terrier pics I am dying to show you guys! πŸ™‚

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  1. I don’t think you have ANY idea what you’ve done for us through this workshop as well as through the forum. I had such a blast and learned way more than I could have hoped. Thank you so much for not only sharing the knowledge you’ve gained over the last six years but for giving us a forum in which to further learn from you as well as each other, ask questions and post work. You are certainly a gem. Chicago folks, get some rest, you’re going to be in for such a treat.

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