Bronco & Bear pug puppies

These two guys are arguably the cutest puppies I have ever photographed. 12 weeks old. Brothers. Soft, squishy, cuddly, waggy, clumsy, kissy, tan panda bear puppies. You can squeal now. πŸ™‚

Bear on the left, Bronco on the right. I don’t think I need to tell you where their names came from do I? I love how Bear is peeking over the shot in the image on the right.



The Pike Place Market is one of my favorite places to photograph puppies, for obvious reasons. Look at the little boy’s expression on the left. Ah, I LOVE it!


Rarely do photos make me laugh out loud when I look at them, even shots that others seem to find funny, I guess because I am ‘all business’ when doing my post-shoot workflow, but this one definitely did have me busting a gut. Bear: “you talkin to me??”


hee hee hee, whoohoo. we had a nice crowd of people gathered around watching us do this. it was so fun.


Look at Bear’s face in the shot on the left. Ha!


Photo shoots are hard work for puppies. Especially in an environment as stimulating at the market. I captured no fewer than 4 yawns out of these guys in the second half of our shoot.





ahh, sleepy baby pugs. (gush…)



The End. πŸ™‚


For those who are new to my blog, you may not know this, but I absolutely adore pugs. They are at the very top of my favorite breed list, and I have been super lucky to have been able to photograph lots of them. It took everything in me to hold myself back from writing a novel above and going on and on about how cute they are and how much I love them, and how many times I squealed during our shoot, and how I didn’t want to leave, etc, etc. I could have written a whole blog PAGE about this shoot!

But, I leave you with a little conversation I had on my facebook fan page that I think pretty much sums it up:

Amy: “soooo adorable! I love it!”

Nicki: “I just want to squish their already squished faces! Way too adorable and the curious expressions melt my heart!”

Jamie (me): “LOL I was there for over two hours (I normally do a 60-90 minute shoot) because I didn’t want to say goodbye! one of the little puggers was *alseep in my arms* (faint).”


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21 thoughts on “Bronco & Bear pug puppies

  1. wow. i just adore your photos… came across your site and just love clicking through all these awesome happy doggie photos! i have my own little puggie at home so i’m especially drawn to these two cuties. you did a wonderful job capturing them! great blog… i’ll be returning. πŸ™‚

  2. what cuties!! they are squishy and snuggly. we love our little puggie pies and these two are perfect.
    Thanks Jamie!

  3. As both a pug owner and a photographer I just had to comment on these awesome photographs! You have totally captured their “pugness” … they are sweet, funny, and gorgeous just like pugs! kudos to you!

  4. (from Bronco and Bear’s pug mama) These pictures made me crumble. I can honestly say that when Jaime asked me to tell her which was my favorite, it was impossible for me to narrow it down to *SIX* favorites. Not only are the pictures squeal inspriring, they also capture their individual personalities so well! I am so glad that I bottled up this moment in time! πŸ˜€

  5. those pugs are adorable! loved every one of these images πŸ™‚ and your fan page comment made me smile too: “one of the little puggers was *asleep in my arms* (faint)” awwwwwww!! I’m betting it was REALLY hard to leave them!

  6. ok,I never thought pugs were all that cute until now. These two just make you all squeally inside! I love them all, especially the shot of him sleeping at the end!!!

  7. My hub and I adore pugs we decided the second we have a yard we are getting one! They are the cutest pups on the planet!!! I AM LOVING HOW MANY PUGS YOU HAVE ON THE BLOG LATELY! You capture their cute squishy faces and curly pig tails and their endless adorable expressions! This post made my day!

  8. Oh my goodness, these pictures ROCK!!!! I find that I am drawn to Pugs too, my friend just gone one, and he is Uh-Door-Uh-Bull! Haha!

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