we like to have fun

I have to preface this post by once again reminding everyone that I am *not* a studio photographer. Yes, I have my office in a studio, and I have done some practicing, but every shoot I have done in the studio thus far has been little more than an experiment.

I never picture myself being a studio photographer, and I pretty much suck at taking pictures with studio lighting, but from time to time I like to have fun. Natural light only, anything goes, no planning involved.

And with that said I bring you mine and my friend Victoria’s version of what studio photography *should* be. Can you tell we don’t take ourselves very seriously?

by the way, that’s me above. and seymour. I love him. A lot.ย 


And that’s Victoria. The lucky caretaker of Charlie and Seymour, the puggie pies you guys know from this blog since way back. I LOVE that they are both laughing in the shot on the lower left!!

We cracked up when we discovered that we could synch our head tilts with Seymour’s. I have many outtakes where we are each just doubled over laughing. For each of us taking pictures, we had to stop many times to laugh it out before taking the next shot. Ahhh, Seymour is awesome. ย 

Pugs are so gosh darn easy to get the head tilt from. Any pet photographer who hasn’t gotten a head tilt out of a pug they have photographed should be ashamed of themselves. ASHAMED I tell ya!

Anyway, it was time for some levity on this blog so I hope you enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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7 thoughts on “we like to have fun

  1. Victoria, awww, this is too cute!!! Love it, especially the top right sq., great smiles you two!!!

  2. Victoria, love the pics! Jamie is a fabulous photographer! thank you for sharing! Where is CHarles! hugs! Angela

  3. SO cute! I have a similar picture of my daughter and our pug next to the pool. Yes, it is fairly easy to get the head tilt with just a high squeaky voice. Love them Pugs!

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