is it an Ewok? a baby bear? No, it’s a PUG!

Just wanted to let all of my Seattle peeps know about the fun and fabulous Pugmania pug party this Saturday, May 9th, Seattle Pug Rescue’s annual fundraising event, taking place at Magnuson Park. Some of you may recall that I had a booth there last year, and had so. much. fun. There were literally thousands of pugs there. I swear to god I have never seen so many dogs in one place before.

I don’t plan on having a booth this year, because I tent to get restless and would rather float around like the social butterfly that I am, thereby maximing my exposure to as many adorable pugs as possible. AND, getting to hang with my lovely friend Melissa Langer of Pug Notes, who is flying all the way in from Louisville, Colorado! She’s famous in the pug scene ya know, and is undoubtedly the biggest pug fan I know. (Next to me of course, lol). I can’t wait to meet her in person! I will be there with my camera in tow, taking pictures right and left (and yes I will post some here afterward), hopefully attending with my dear friend Brandie, illustrious editor of CityDog Magazine. If you see us say hi!

Oh, and this is Charlie. And yes, he is always that cute. (More of him to come).


Pugs and kisses! 🙂

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