Sam & Ella sneak peek

Guess whose kitties these are! My assistant Christina’s, yay!! I am hoping this post will be a nice surprise for her when she comes into the studio today. Normally she spends the first hour just downloading emails and reading through them (we get LOTS of emails), so this will give her something to do while waiting for them to download. Hope you like em girlie! 🙂

This kitty is Ella. She is 2. Her mom was feral. She came from an adoptathon.


and this is Sam. He is like 23. Ok, no not really. I think he’s 13. Sam is so cool. I have a soft spot in my heart for orange tabby cats. He even has a stubby tail he was born with.


This is one of my new favorite kitty shots. Fun with brushes there on the left. I have literally hundreds upon hundreds of Photoshop brushes, patterns and custom shapes that I use for Decopaw art, some that I have designed, some that I have downloaded, and a couple weeks ago was chatting with a photog friend after showing her some greeting cards I designed and she suggested I make them available to other photographers. I only use common license brushes (don’t download something unless it’s fair game for anyone) but am still not sure what the laws are there. I’ll keep thinking on it.


Mealtime! I don’t know what they were eating but honestly it looked disgusting. Christina what was that giant green blob in Ella’s food? ew.


Ella isn’t the brightest kitty in the box, (Christina will be the first to tell you this) and she frequently does this funny nose up in the air sniffing deal that makes her look crosseyed, and it cracked me up so I had to get a shot of it.



I am so happy I got a shot of Ella with the drumset in the background! Christina, her boyfriend and like all of their friends are in a band called the Hoot Hoots. So this shot has personal meaning to their lives. They are really good, you should check them out! After the first time I listened to their CD I had the songs stuck in my head. That’s impressive, eh?


A quick escape. 🙂



Ahhh, to be a cat. so. jealous.


Christina I hope you enjoyed them! Full gallery to come in a few days. 🙂

Also, before I forget, does anyone reading this who has a self-hosted wordpress blog with ProPhoto have problems with their AJAXED for WordPress plugin? If so, can you email me? I am at my wits end with the plug in and would love some advice. Thank you!

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