do you love twitter? so do we!

A few of you may have noticed the little twitter icon down in the sidebar the last few days. Yep, we tweet! In fact, we tweet a lot. We are among the millions who totally ‘get’ the power and sheer amazingness of the site.

My tweets are a combination of personal and biz, so it’s a behind the scenes look at both Cowbelly and a little bit of me outside of Cowbelly. I always engage with my followers and really use the site to it’s full advantage. I post lots of stuff that never makes it’s way to the blog, and am constantly updating with interesting links and tidbits of random info you aren’t likely to find anywhere else. I also love to RT other useful links that come my way, so I hope that my feed is much more than just me saying what I had for breakfast (I promise you I’ll spare you those boring details, lol). If you are a photographer or a dog owner/lover then my community will be perfect for you.


Hope to see some of you there, I’m off to go tweet! 🙂

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