poll- are the menu items on cowbelly.com working for you?

I love technology. I really do. But only when it works. It seems some users are reporting problems with the menu items on my website, and I’d love to get your feedback to determine if they are working for you.

I suspect I have had problems for a long time, but couldn’t really investigate further or prove them, because,  unlike what popular opinion says, I am not a web expert. I designed my Cowbelly website using an amazing Photoshop plug-in called Sitegrinder by Media Lab. It allows you to create multi-layered psd files and tag them in such a way that the plug-in spits them out as html code with css files. *Astonishing* if you think about it. (Yes, you CAN design websites in Photoshop). Now, I know my way around some html code,and can update and change html and css as needed in Dreamweaver, but javascript and menus are *way* over my head. 

I have been grappling with the decision to totally change my web style and platform and this may be just the push I need to do it. But before making any kind of big leap, I’d love to get some user feedback on the problem first.

If you would be so kind as to visit my site, http://www.cowbelly.com, and then take this poll, I will send hugs and kisses through the interwebs straight to you! Fergie will be happy too, as it will mean no more mommy swearing at the computer screen. 🙂

[poll id=”2″]

Thank Yewwww!!!

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9 thoughts on “poll- are the menu items on cowbelly.com working for you?

  1. I never have issues with Cowbelly…so I had to opt for the funny choice of “charlie made coffee come out of my nose.” 😉

  2. think I figured it out! it’s the z-index in the css files. the flash files were layered too high, almost like in Photoshop when you have a layer that is stacked on top of another. Hopefully now it will be an easy fix. Think (hope) I fixed the homepage already. Whoopee! Yay for interwebs research! now, back to my regular business!!

  3. heather- you are so sweet! the problem seems to be in the javascript. I think it started when I installed the flash file into my homepage last week. what is happening for some users is that the drop-down menus are dropping down ‘behind’ some elements, like behind the flash slideshow in the homepage and also behind the flash galleries when in one of the galleries. so they can’t navigate to another page that has flash when already ON a page with flash, because they can’t access the sub-menu item, if this makes any sense. (gosh darn flash, boy is it pretty but boy does it cause problems). feel free to check out my source code!! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. Hey Jamie, I am also a web developer so if you are more specific about the problems some people are having with your menu, I may be able to help you. Cheers.

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