Charlotte Reeves’ sad loss

I’m fighting back tears right now, thinking about Charlotte Reeves, an incredibly talented dog photographer on the Gold Coast of Australia. She lost her sweet great dane Kaya on Sunday to aggressive, fast moving mouth cancer that was diagnosed just last week. Charlotte posted some images on her blog today of Kaya’s last days. Kaya was just 2-years young, a vibrant girl who clearly loved life, and was the subject of her own blog with her sister Luna. Take a minute to go to Charlotte’s blog and send your sympathies. I’m sure at a time like this, every little word helps. And please remember that pets are only given a short time on earth, and they can be taken from you at any time (at any age), so love them up *every* chance you get.

Kaya, Charlotte’s beautiful dane. Rest in peace sweet girl, rest in peace.


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8 thoughts on “Charlotte Reeves’ sad loss

  1. What a poor, sweet, beautiful, baby. If only they could all live forever — or at least as long as we do. Kaya is beautiful. Wishes of peace to her mommy.

  2. Jamie thank you so much for this beautiful tribute to Kaya. I miss my baby girl like nothing else, but it’s been so good having the support of people like you, and all who have commented and expressed their condolences. Thank you again.

  3. i acutally discovered charlottes blog a few days prior to this post. couldnt finish reading all of it sadly as i was tearing up at work! my heart goes out to charlotte and luna. losing a beloved pet is NEVER easy.

  4. It is not fair, having pets is just like having kids (I can say that I am a mom) the only difference is that (when we lucky) we get to see them grow old and unfortunately die. It does not seems natural..
    Jamie you right we should cherish every moment as we do not know what tomorrow will bring,my sincere sympathies to Charlotte!

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