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First off, a huge thank you to those who followed me on Twitter yesterday. I don’t have time to elaborate because I am off to a shoot, but I just wanted to say: “It’s not cancer!” yay! Thank you for all of your support! Being surrounded by caring, compassionate people makes a big difference when you are going through tough times. I’ll post more about this soon.

Secondly, there are some changes that I am making to the business, some small, some pretty significant.

The first (small) change is we will no longer be selling gift certificates, in any amount for any reason to any persons. I have come to realize that because of the relationship that I establish with each client over time, and the amount of money that people often spend, I really need to get to know them first and make sure I can meet their needs and that we will mesh well working together before any money is put toward products or services. This isn’t possible with gift certificate sales so they are nixed from the product offering. I sold very few anyway so I don’t envision this being a problem of any significance.

Second, I will be raising my prices. (I know, horror of horrors! During a bad economy even?! Yes). I don’t know exactly when this will happen, but it should be very soon, even as soon as this next Monday. I may decide to post them to my website, to be out there for all the world to see (and for some to copy, which usually happens). I am on the fence but leaning toward posting them.

Third, I will be greatly limiting the numbers of clients I take on each month, and really put the focus on quality over quantity. I work so personally with each client, and try so hard to do an excellent job for each, and this just isn’t possible when I am overwhelmed with clients. The more clients I have, the less time and attention I have to give to each of them. My best clients have been an absolute joy to work for, and I look forward to having more clients like them in the future. The new pricing structure will help ensure this will happen, and I will be able to keep my sanity, and more importantly, my health. It will also be a great thing for clients too, who will not only get the very best of me, but will also have access to bennies and discounts and special client gifts unlike anything I have done before. It’s completely a win-win situation. 

Fourth, I will also be launching a new client services website this month. It will help simplify and streamline the process for everyone. And I think will be a huge boon to my clients. I will still do studio consultations in person with each client, but all of the pre-shoot info, future info, pricing and products will be very easy to reference on the new client services website. Each client will even have their own customized webpage on the site, complete with fun slideshow following the shoot, which makes it that much cooler. (I will still have detailed galleries for each client- the slideshow is an ‘extra goodie’). Another big ‘win’. 

Last, I will be spending the majority of March doing things to prepare the business for this year: prepping for the workshops and getting everyone registered, catching up on *long* overdue emails, implementing new systems, catching up on accounting and forms, and also taking some time off to focus on me and my health (more on that soon). I won’t be scheduling any more shoots before April; exact timing depending on the weather. I will be excited to get out and shoot again, as the crocuses and daffodils are just starting to show their pretty heads and I have a feeling the spring is going to be beautiful. 

Thank you all who follow my blog, and I look forward to sharing more with you this year.

I am off to photography Murphy in the sun! Oh, and his kitty buddy Mr Jones too. It’s sunny in Seattle! 🙂

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