Sydney & Sienna British Shorthairs

In Lightroom and Photoshop you have the ability to rate your images with stars. *Very* rarely do I ever give an image I create 5 stars. I think because I am always striving to be better, and also because, although confident, I don’t think I’m ‘da bomb’ when it comes to photography. However, I gave myself more 5 star ratings in these girls shots than I think I ever have. I positively adore these kitties, who live right up the hill from me on Queen Anne. I’d hang out on their living room and photograph them *any day*. Enjoy!






Favorite cat shot ever below on the left. I may even need to get that blown up big for my own wall at home.Β 








Who said cats aren’t expressive. πŸ˜‰


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29 thoughts on “Sydney & Sienna British Shorthairs

  1. WOW! What cool cats! Very squeezable cheeks! I looove the expression in the bottom left one. That is one nice house to shoot in, too. Such creative shots Jamie!!

  2. fantastic job on the short hairs!!! may i also add…this house has the most AMAZING color pallette for totally rad photo ops!!!

  3. Jamie, My sister and I are simultaneously “Ohhing and ahhhing”…these are gorgeous!
    I think that one you love is also my favorite. Gorgeous kitties and great colors.

  4. I just want to squeeze them and kiss their heads they are so adorable! Beautiful photos πŸ˜‰

  5. these are freaking awesome!!! LOVE your favorite as well, the one against the tile flooring. such awesome colors in this home. and love that first one with the one eye peeking through the door. so original!

  6. great shots as usual. There are a lot of 5 stars here. I especially like the 2nd door peek shot with the orange blanket and the one where he is on the railing with the light blue wall color. My cat never wants to look at the camera.

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