Spike & Kiki

Spike and Kiki are brother and sister to sweet Mattie, bless his little soul. I fell in love with Kiki and her gentle nature and darling underbite, and Spike’s big heart surrounded by a tough-guy exterior. They are both rescued pups too, which makes me love them that much more.



Does Spike remind you guys of anyone? hee hee



What do you guys think of my new scalloped edges? They were a serious PITA to create, but I finally have it down to where my blog image prep is fully automated, which will save me a bazillion hours over how I used to do it. Which means more time to post more images, yay!





Check out Kiki’s muppet feet below!


My faves below. The shot here on the left is totally unlike anything I would normally post, but I find the colors and textures intriguing.


pure. simple. chihuahua.


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18 thoughts on “Spike & Kiki

  1. Too darned wonderful! Who knew such horrible little teeth could make such beautiful pictures!!! We love these crazy, little, imperfect yet perfect little pups – thank you for capturing their funny little faces ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice edging too!

  2. I am a sucker for a little doggie underbite and a tongue sticking out. How cute. I am torn on the scalloped edges – part of my likes them but another part of me thinks it distracts a bit from the photos when there is a nice crisp straight line.

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