Ruby Decopaw art

Ruby’s art I am currently working on. Behind on doing proof revisions, something I do for the vast majority of clients. Many art pieces needs a little tweak here and a little shift there to be ‘just right’ before being sent off to the printer. I have been battling a chronic illness the past month (one that has been around for two years and seems to be worse during the first quarter), and although I thought I was on the upswing last week things actually got worse, which has left me behind on so much. So now I am doing the best that I can and trying to get the most important things done every day. Also taking my ‘magic tonic’ which has amazing curative properties even though it tastes like moldy herbs in alcohol! Mmm, mmm….

Ruby. Her proofs are unique in that I have never done anything like this before. I am working with size contraints, so instead of choosing the size from my price sheet, we designed our own based on my client’s space. And what is so cool about this commission is that my client is agreeing to go with my idea of doing 3 separate tall canvases instead of one large triptych. I positively can’t wait to see how it looks on their wall!

Imagine the 3 proofs below as separate canvases. I want to do this for my home too!

I would love to do a die-cut triple fold card with the following proofs. A thin black border around each of them would look so cool.

If I get a chance to photograph Ruby’s art once hung I will share those shots here. 

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7 thoughts on “Ruby Decopaw art

  1. these are going to be amazing!! make sure ruby’s mom takes pictures of the canvases once they’re hanging so you can share the finished product. 🙂

  2. This grouping is going to be a great addition to your client’s home! Will those be stretched canvases? I’ve seen people paint the edges black. It would probably read as a black border and look cool. The description of your potion sounds like Floradix. Good stuff, but a funky flavor!

  3. I love the idea of 3 seperate canvases. Ugh you’re making me want more pieces now. Seriously there is going to be no room on the walls for pictures of the baby 🙂

  4. I recently discovered your blog, and I am HOOKED. The work you do is amazing. Just wanted to stop by and say so! These are going to look amazing when they’re finished.

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