Mattie sneak-peek

I will let Mattie’s images speak for themselves. Be sure to read his info in the first set.

Discovery Park. One of my favorite places for dog photography.

Mattie could not possibly be more loved by his parents, who are doing everything in their power to keep him healthy. The love in this family is tangible.

I am so in love with Mattie.

Mattie fast asleep in his favorite bed with his favorite little teddy bear. 

Please say your prayers for Mattie. He is very sick and apparently had a tough weekend, although I would have never known by his behavior during our shoot. I have been thinking about him since I left him around noon on Sunday. Such a sweet little guy, I really hope he rallies.

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14 thoughts on “Mattie sneak-peek

  1. Bekki,

    What a complete sweetheart that Mattie is!! I know how much you love him and he made me smile looking at his photos, I pray for him and his parents.

  2. That is one of the cutest dog outfits I have seen. Mattie looks like a wonderful little dog. You captured so many brilliant images of him. His parents will cherish these forever.

  3. Jamie, your love for animals shines through every photograph. I’m inspired by your work and love to visit your site/blog often. I am also a photographer and had one of these difficult dog sessions to do a few weeks ago. Seeing Mattie and his mom and dad brought back emotions from my own shoot. Animals are a true blessing.

  4. @ Mattie’s mom and dad- I am sooo happy you guys are happy with the images. That is the very most important thing to me. I had a simply wonderful time at our shoot (could you tell I didn’t want to leave, lol?), and I look forward to getting all of the images online so you can see them. I also plan to do another post with just Kiki and Spike. @ everyone else- thank you so much for your compliments, it means a lot to me.

  5. Jamie, you are great photographer providing us with some fantastic shots. Loved the “yawn”, “curly tongue” and “red blanket” pics. Bekki, Mattie’s such a handsome guy ~ love his hair cut! 🙂 Sending you all much love!!

  6. I almost cried. Shih tzus are the best breed and these are such cute pictures with such a great story.My favorite is where he is standing so tall and proud in front of the door. What a love!

  7. Certainly one of the hardest things a dog photographer has to do. These pictures are lovely but that last one is just SO sweet and endearing.

  8. Mattie’s spirit and spunk shine through. What great capture of his essence. He’s a star for sure!

  9. awww, mattie is so cute — what a handsome little guy! love that curly tongue. my thoughts are with mattie’s family and hope he hangs on for a good while longer. his family is so lucky to have these images.

  10. Perhaps we’re biased, but he’s such a luv bug! Thank you for this sneak peak – his soul comes through in the way you’ve captured his beautiful eyes. You are a blessing to us and through your art work Mattie’s beauty will continue to shine on.

    Jamie, your talent is a wonderful gift; thank you for sharing it with all of us!

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