Taara + Zorro Basenjis

Basenjis are one of the the most interesting breeds out there. They are curious, inquisitive, loyal, cunning, independent, funny, attached to their owners, and more often than not, smarter than you.

These guys live just up the hill from me on Queen Anne, and Taara is in her golden years, with her buddy Zorro right behind her. I was honored to photograph the pair and hope that, since they are in my hood, I get to see them again. 

Zorro- black, Taara- tan.

Zorro lost the corner of his ear to a basenji roommate before he came to live with his current family. I think it makes him look more debonaire, like he has stories to tell.

Basenji feet are very cute. Delicate like a little fawn.

Basenji ears are like a barometer for their environment. Deet-deet-deet-deet-deet-they twittle around, shifting at every little sound.

This is funny. On the right below, Zorro was so not supposed to be sitting up there at the table. I asked to place him there, and his dad was happy to comply. Can you see the look of discomfort on his face? lol

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20 thoughts on “Taara + Zorro Basenjis

  1. these are some fantastic shots! wish we lived closer, would have you photograph my basenji boy 🙂

  2. oh my… those are quite adorable. i love love love the door shots, like they are inviting you into their home. so cute 🙂

  3. I love the look on Zorro’s face! “uhhh, you sure?” What cute faces. I like how Basenji’s foreheads wrinkle all up, too. Like they’re very concerned. I like the compositions, looks like a cool house they live in! Cool red door. Oh, looove the head tilt!

  4. For some reason Taara’s face looks extra-special-fuzzy-kissable. She looks like she needs a book written about her. They both look like story-tellers (especially with Zorro’s ear), but there’s just something about Taara….

  5. I love these little guys, I would love one for myself. It looks like they small enough for apartment living and have enough stamina for me. Thank you for sharing beautiful images..you always deliver!

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