Lucy + Ethel

I fell so in love with these girls during our shoot I didn’t want to leave them. Especially Lucy, who will forever hold a special place in my heart with her little pink tongue.

Lucy- left. Ethel- right. Lucy- older gal. Ethel- older puppy.

Poor Lucy. It was raining pretty hard outside, and she looked up at me and drip, drip, drip went the raindrops into her eyes, as evidenced by the shot on the left below.

The girls have THE coolest pink princess bowl. I dropped treats into the water and they took turns snorkeling.

Those big brown eyes of Ethel’s just got me every time she tilted her head. 

Any dog/pet photographer who shoots indoors at this time of year pretty much has to do one of two things: a) use auxiliary lights such as a flash and/or strobes, or b) bump up the ISO’s to a relatively high number. Unless your client has a super bright house with tall ceilings and the sun just happens to be out, or you feel it’s ok to plant yourself in front of the window for the entire shoot, it’s necessary to pick one of these two evils. In my case I choose high ISO’s. Although I don’t like to, I will shoot at 1000 or even 1600 ISO indoors. Whatever it takes to get the shot is my attitude. I am not aiming for technical perfection with my photography- I am aiming to capture expressions and emotions, and if I have to settle for extra noise in my shots to do so I’m fine with that. The following shot was super dark in it’s original RAW form, but Lightroom cleaned it up nicely and Noise Ninja helped me sharpen and remove noise. (LOVE Noise Ninja and highly recommend it). The bottom line? Let the action/pet/subject dictate the shot, not the light or lack thereof. Unless of course you are aiming for perfection, in which case don’t listen to anything I say, lol. 

Lucy and Ethel have this really cool green vintage couch. I could have photographed Ethel on it all day.

Tell me this isn’t one of the cutest things you have ever seen. Oh, the tongue kills me. This is not mid-nose-lick folks, Lucy is just like this. You can squeal now. 

You will see Lucy and Ethel on the blog again. I will soon be designing a very unique art piece for their home and will post the proofs here!


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14 thoughts on “Lucy + Ethel

  1. @chung- they are canvasing the shot. actually, not that one, and not a canvas. they are printing one like the one on the bed, only closer up of the girls. they are doing a giant print and then colorplaking it. anyone use colorplak before? it looks super cool. @haley- don’t ever ever feel bad for doing whatever you have to do to get the shot. there are no rules in photography- just ‘whatever works’! don’t ever listen to anyone who would ever make you feel bad for doing it your way. @janett- I swear not everyone in seattle has cool houses! in fact, in the city the rooms are often quite small, and can be on the dark side depending on how the house is situated on the lot. it isn’t until you get out into the suburbs where you have big rooms and lots of light and big porches, etc. we pet photoggers are just good at working with what we have available and making it look pretty. but yes, that vintage couch IS rad. 🙂

  2. OK – does everyone with pets in Seattle always have such cool looking houses?? Because – *I* have a vintage sofa and let me tell you – it does not look anywhere near as cool. I don’t think I’ve seen an “uncool” looking interior yet! You lucky Seattle people for being hip. This must be why I’m still in Pennsyl-tucky. Nonetheless – bea-u-tiful shots Jamie!! Love pink tongue!!

  3. I would have squealed, but I had a mouth full of pizza, so it went more like “huh huh.”
    Anyway, 1- thank you for confirming my use of high ISO. I have always thought I was missing something, that everyone was able to get clear shots at 100 or 200 but I’m happy to hear I’m not alone in using 800 or 1000.
    I love the one of Ethel on the arm of the couch facing the map. It looks like she’s planning a road trip!

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