23 thoughts on “Charlie

  1. OK, my daughter and I are cracking up! These are the cutest dog photos I’ve ever seen. Absolutely adorable! I would PAY MONEY to get shots like these! Great job!

  2. These are hysterical. I can’t believe the range of facial expressions one dog can have. You need to use the one with his eyes wide open for some kind of promotion. Everyone in the world needs to see this picture – I think it might bring world peace…

  3. I think we should all bookmark this post and return to it when having a bad day. I was having a horrible day when I posted this and actually managed to laugh out loud, surprising even myself.

  4. so glad everybody likes charlie! yes, he is a redboned coonhound (sp?). i laughed harder during his shoot than I have any other. at one point he was chewing on a stick (the big one pictured) and barking and howling with excitement at the same time- with the stick in his mouth. i was doubled over laughing and nearly peed my pants. no dog is more expressive than charlie.

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