Breasyl Decopaw art

Breasyl’s canvas is a gift from a former client (uh, I guess that would make her a current client too, duh) to a couple she is good friends with. I always love hearing how the art goes over when received. It is usually a pretty unexpected gift, and certainly a personal and thoughtful gift. My goal is always to make people cry. Wait, that didn’t sound right, lol. Think happy tears!

A few of Breasyl’s proofs were inspired by ‘Boomer Butter Square’, which has been very popular as of late. Next to Boomer is the winning proof of Breasyl, which I am expecting back from my printer by tomorrow at the latest!

I am still at the office working on art commissions (you guys remember Yukon? I’m revising his now), but will be heading home soon to watch the Bachelor. (Tonight is the season premiere with Jason! Who is from Kirkland Washington- in my neck of the woods!). My sister turned me onto the show a couple of years ago and I, like most of the rest of the country, fell in love with Jason, last-season’s reject from the bachelorette, and have been rooting for him to find true love since. I know it’s reality tv, and you can’t ever possibly know someone from a tv show, but he seems like such a good person with such a big heart, and couldn’t be more deserving. Although somewhat of a love cynic I am still a total romantic at heart, and really hope he finds the girl! Ok guys, you can make fun of me now, and girls, tell me how stupid you thought Deanna was (I know!!). ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. HA! I watched that particular reality show for the first time! Well, most of it. Some of the gals were a bit too eager, and it was annoying. LOL the stalker woman! OK, with the art. I love the one with the greens on the bottom left. That top green is my very favorite. And I agree, the best part of the job is the tears ha ha.

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