Happy New Year (!) + my apologies

Happy 2009 everybody! I hope everyone’s NYE was safe and fun. Mine was probably the best ever. 🙂

For those of you in the greater Seattle area, I want to apologize for the crazy weather we had last month. You see, I have been trying to do a shoot up on the beach on Whidbey Island for 2 clients, kind of a whole day thing, for the last 6 weeks. We actually had a date picked in November that worked for everyone, but had to cancel due to rain. At that time I recall saying something to them like “I am not worried about us getting the shoot done soon. I have done shoots in Sunny weather every month of the year. Some of my prettiest photo shoots have been in December and I am totally confident the weather will cooperate with us before the end of the year!” And yes, folks, I WAS totally confident. And we all know what happened. In all seriousness, I am being facetious here (I know I don’t have that kind of power), but in any case I think I will still start talking about how *horrible* I expect the weather to be over the next month, just in case Mother Nature is actually messing with me and might trip me up by making this cold/snow/wind/rain go away.

If she IS messing with me I’d like to offer her up these shots taken at Double Bluff Beach last year in the hopes she will appease me. Kind of like a peace offering. I just need one day, just one day of sun, is that asking too much? 

Kate and Fergie:

And also, I apologize for being MIA on this blog! I hope to be back on track with everything starting next week and give you some new images to enjoy. You will see many new shots, including some of Charlie, a houndog that I promise will make you laugh out loud. 

I hope everyone is having an outstanding new year and I look forward to finally sharing my Christmas dogs shots with you!

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  1. I find that whenever I take my umbrella out with me, it won’t rain. So maybe you should prepare for rain, then the weather will be great. 🙂

  2. Happy New Year to all! If it makes you feel any better the weather here in Texas is like being on a roller coaster! 70 degrees one day, 30 the next! Love the sunny pictures!

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