fergie + snow = luv

*Finally* went down to the studio to pick up my camera to go out and photograph the Fergs. Even though it was late in the afternoon and past the good light, it had to be done. Words can’t express how much Fergie loves the snow. I’m looking forward to getting my new Lumix point and shoot (soon, very soon!) so I can post more photos of her while we are out without having to get the big camera all ready and lug it around. In my hood walking around with a fancy Canon 5D hanging around your neck is pretty much asking for it, lol.

Coolest dog sweater ever. Hand knit by a South American tribe and purchased at Lucky Dog Outfitters in Tacoma.

Will post more pictures of the fergs in snow once I’m done with my holiday client work. I’m not off the hook yet! 🙂


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9 thoughts on “fergie + snow = luv

  1. That IS a cool sweater. Borias wears a handmade African Masai tribe beaded collar. He has a little too much fur for a sweater, though! Fergie wouldn’t get all ferocious on some bad guy after your camera?? That bah humbug photo, she looks pretty formidable ; )

  2. So I can’t tell you the last time I saw snow…..Fergie makes it look so fun and warm and happy. However I will not be fooled. We are looking at 80 and sunny this Christmas 🙂 Merry Christmas Fergie and Jamie.xo

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