from the archives- Cowbelly’s original b/w film dog photographs

Here is a blast from the past.

When I started doing pet photography as a hobby about 8 years ago I shot exclusively in black and white and exclusively in film. I still have my old Pentax film camera, and even started offering film sessions again about a year ago, very shortly before the aperture on the camera decided to quit. It will cost more to repair than the camera is worth so it sits on my shelf. It has now been many years since I have used film, but those who have been following my blog for a long time know that I prefer the look of film dog photographs to digital. Here are some examples of why.

Film photographs taken by yours-truly from 2000-2003. (pardon the quality- these were scanned with my cheap canon scanner).

Unknown petsitting dog. Had a few brief minutes with her. I don’t remember her name but I do remember that she was awesome. She lived in/near Windermere. 

Copper (L), and Scout (R).

Gypsy ‘Cowbelly’ -the namesake for the business. 

Lucy and Willa. My two best dog models for film. 

Sweet, sweet Yuki. RIP my love. I miss you more than you will ever know. 

Fletcher, Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. Fergie reminded me so much of him in her puppyhood it was uncanny. That was the first thing that led me to believe she has ridgeback in her. My hope is that someday the two can meet. 

Knuckles (L). RIP buddy. I miss you. Hoppie (R)- still with us and one of the mascots at Great Dog Daycare!

Scout (L) and Roswell (R). Roswell was easily the coolest cat I have ever known. He was my dad’s nextdoor neighbor in the Tangletown area of Greenlake and he used to come over and lay on my dad’s newspapers as he tried to read. My sister and I adored him. I wonder what ever happened to him. 

Zen (L) and Willa (R).

I will do another post with my old digital black and whites. Those are a blast from the past too!

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6 thoughts on “from the archives- Cowbelly’s original b/w film dog photographs

  1. Thank you for sharing, there is something to be said about the film photography.. These are so beautiful!
    You said you used your cheap Canon scanner??! Just how the hell? Where these slides? I have no clue how to scan the film is better to take it to the shop somewhere?
    thank you

  2. Ooooh… now you’ve made me want to go back and look at my old stuff. I still have both my Minolta and lenses from high school AND my film Canon XT from college. Plus I just got an old Brownie… it takes 620 film and it is still available so I’m thinking about trying to get some! It’s very weird to hold the camera down by my waist to look through the viewfinder! And I bought an Argoflex seventy five which hasn’t come yet but I saw someone who shot through one with a digital camera and got these neat square images that I’m dying to imitate!
    I do miss darkrooms though… I still have my enlarger!

  3. Oh, I love these. I love black & white film photos. A neighbor gave me two old film cameras & lenses (one is a Minolta, I forget what the other is). I’m definitely going to give them a try when I need something different. I just don’t have a clue how to use them. 😉

  4. Love the shot of Lucy and Willa. I just recently cleaned out some color slide files and it does feel ridiculously strange to look at something on a light table these days. Thanks for sharing.

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