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It has been a long day today. (I still consider it ‘today’ because I haven’t gone to bed yet). Starting with a shoot at 11am, followed by the rest of the day and night spent in the studio working on client orders. Things would have gone fine, except that NOTHING WAS WORKING RIGHT. ‘Nothing’ meaning, software, internet, phone, even simple little image uploaders weren’t working. I am convinced that I have some sort of weird magnetic force field that every so often goes awry, causing all electronic equipment near me to get all freaked out. Either that or mercury is in retrograde or something. Whateve. It’s more than a little irritating. 

I have been toiling away lately. Nearly every day for the last two weeks I have either had a photo shoot, studio consult with a client, phone meeting or other appointment. Christina has been doing an AWESOME job keeping me on track. I think I have something like 42 clients on my boards right now. (Crazy I know). How do I do it? My aforementioned assistant. Let me tell you there is NO WAY I could do all of this without regular help. Christina only works about 15 hours per week but she rocks so hard that every day I grow closer to only doing what I love- taking pictures, working in photoshop and lightroom and designing art. Awesome. Thank you Christina for everything you do for me!

Anyway, I am working my way through my pile of client orders (*finally* made order forms, whoopee!!), and thought I would share with you guys some of the things I worked on today, in case you maybe thought I fell off the planet. 

Yorkies photobooks. Tiggz below. 

Back cover (L). Front cover (R). The front cover was his mom’s idea. Brilliant eh? If you are in a service-based business, I recommend always being open to your client’s suggestions. Often they can be smarter and more creative than you. 

Photobook pages. 

I love the end page. Makes me laugh out loud. 

More yorkies photobooks. Brodie & Taz. Oh, and Roscoe the kitty! Roscoe is the coolest, most laid back, friendliest, most affectionate cat EVER. I love him so much and want to steal him and have him live with me. 

I believe below it’s supposed to say Charles something-or-other. (Brilliant observation Jamie). Sorry, it’s late….

The shot below looks like a poster or something. No, it’s a real photograph and I actually took it. Amazing outfit, eh? Remember the shoes

Ok, so that’s one, actually, two orders. The next order is Loodie and Max. They are both getting prints and canvases. The canvases are my favorites. I feel so incredibly honored that they are being hung in their soon-to-be new baby twins nursery. Huge congrats Peter and Hope!!

Then there’s Junepug and Shelby. Just in case anyone is confused, Junepug’s name is actually June, but I have given her the moniker ‘Junepug’ because it seems to fit her so. And Shelby, what can I say about Shelby. She touched my heart from the second I met her, and is the first dog to ever be in the company of a pug that I paid more attention to than said pug. *Especially* a baby pug. I just don’t have words to express my experience with Shelby. I think I am going to stop trying, because I’m not sure that anyone would understand. 

June’s canvas. Her first experience with water. Check out her first time with feet in water. Hee hee. 

Shelby’s prints. I think the shot on the right is my favorite of her. 

June’s print. Weird, what’s up with all of the stripey lines? I swear things look perfect in LR and bridge, and when I upload them they get all wacked out. I need to check my ‘save for web’ settings; I have been noticing too many problems lately. Don’t even get me started on the whole sharpening thing. Ugh, technology. 😛

And the last thing I worked on today was a CD for Kaiya. She is another dog I fell in love with. Ok, truth be told, I fall in love with them all! I wish you guys could have seen the fawn doberman I shot today. A christmas gift so it will have to wait. 

I have lots more new dog photos to share, but first need to meet my photobook printer’s deadline which is this Friday! (One more photobook to go!) Thanks everyone for being so patient with me. You guys, my lovely blog readers, rock!!

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  1. Hey Jamie-
    Did a shout out today to you on my blog. Wanted to thank you for Smug Mug concept with proofing. Experimented with it this season. Great resource.
    Have a good Thanksgiving … try not to work.

  2. she keeps up with lots and lots of red bull, right?? Or all that great Seattle coffee? Love the quotes with the photos, that’s so cool to do. I’m a quote freak. I bet they look amazing. I think it’s adorable to put a dog’s bum shot for the end, too ha ha. Eagerly awaiting more photos!

  3. Jamie~How you have time to blog with your crazy schedule blows my mind~ but glad you fit it in cause we love seeing everything you’re doing! 🙂 Great work!

  4. yay! you’re alive! oh we missed you 🙂 and btw, we do love the pictures of miss junepug… and shelby… and kaiya…. and and and… but junepug is the best canvas by far. love the angle. 🙂

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