Zoe & Peanut

Zoe & Peanut’s shoot was at Kinnear Park on Queen Anne. Their parents drove for a good 90 minutes in traffic to do the shoot with me. I am so not worthy but I was so glad they did- I had a blast with Zoe & Peanut!

Because I so rarely do black and whites, and because the girls’ parents requested them, here are a couple of regular black and whites. (I still want to do a ‘from the archives’ post with my original black and white film dog photographs- someday!).

I love when clients ask for things by name after seeing them on my blog. There were a total of maybe 3 images in the gallery of 50 that worked for the requested low-key black and white shots, and I think two of those three (seen here) turned out pretty well.

Peanut is a cutie-pie and very shy.

And then there were the balloons. You know I will be using these again. 🙂

Can’t you just hear the ‘POP’!? hee hee… Check out Zoe’s face on the right below.

Hope you guys enjoyed Peanut and Zoe!

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