my trip to the eye doctor

So I have been needing to have my eyes checked for awhile. A *long* while. 

I am more nervous about the health of my eyesight than anything else. I’d almost rather have a root canal done than wait for the eye doc to give me the final analysis. I’ve been seeing lots of floaters recently and have some problems with nearsightedness, general eye fatigue and vertigo. And don’t even ask me about the time a couple of years ago when suddenly everything turned into a Picasso painting. 

So yesterday afternoon I went to the bank, and there is an eye clinic right next door. I decide to just pop over and find out how the whole thing works. I decide I should probably do my appointment sooner rather than later so as not to prolong the anxiety.

Much to my surprise (and chagrin) they have an appointment available. When? Oh, right now. “OK!” I say nervously, feeling like I either want to run or vomit or both.

So I had the appointment, and tried not to have an anxiety attack as the doc put things on my eyes and flashed lights and dropped weird drops in them. I tried to keep my head from shaking which happens when I get really nervous. 

And you know what the lovely eye doc’s final assessment was? I have “very healthy eyes”. Whoopee!

I have nearly 20-20 vision, and would only need mildly corrective lenses for up-close work, like working close to the computer screen on images. I am not at all opposed to glasses, so may go back next month to pick up a cool funky pair. 

I am shocked! Delighted! Thrilled! I swear that made my whole year.

And the floaters? Apparently they are totally common, especially as one ages (yes, my 36 year-old eyes are ‘aging’). And the eye fatique? Um, try working a little less Jamie. 🙂

Ahh, sighing relief right now as I type this. Thank you eye doctor. Thank you eyes. 

P.S. That’s me with Besa, a very dear old friend who is no longer with us. This was my first bio shot taken for my biz. 

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7 thoughts on “my trip to the eye doctor

  1. Yeah, I need to make that appt. myself. It’s been about 7 years now, and I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t read labels, or hardly anything up close. (Doesn’t help that they make print soooo small usually!) Major eye fatique working on the laptop. I just dragged myself to the dentist, too, though. And I DO need a root canal. Yuck.

  2. Holy cow, glad everything is okay! I’m always worrying about my eyesight and my wrists going bad… they bring home the bacon!

  3. Yay for Jamie’s eyeballs!!
    I wish I were so lucky…
    At one point I had 20/400 vision… and it only gets worse each year. : (
    But thanks for the reminder that I need to go get mine checked. I’m overdue!

  4. woohoo eye doctor. i have to admit, that’s one i don’t like going to… and i’ve put off since i know mine have gotten worse. and the boys say i need cuter glasses to hang out with the likes of them.

  5. Congratulations on the eye exam! I did something brave last year, I had the lasik surgery on my eyes. I now have 20/20 vision too! I was nervous, but as soon as it was over (in 10 minutes) I knew it was a complete success. I am so happy not to have to wear glasses anymore! Yay to eye health!!

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