Sammy the pug with life lessons for us all

A few of you may remember awhile back when I posted a little sneak preview of Sammy the pug in the form of a few pano crop images. I have been wanting to tell you more about him since then but alas, haven’t had the time. (Not that I have the time now, but I couldn’t wait any longer).

Sammy is not only cute, but he is a very special pug as well. You see, Sammy has liver failure. 

He has been sick since he was a little puppy. He has had more surgeries than most people you know combined, and has deep 12 inch belly scars to show for it. He has been in the hospital more times than I think even his mom remembers. And he is not even 2 years old. 

His doctors now say that he has not just one, but multiple liver shunts. Essentially this little guy is a ticking time bomb. 

The good news?

Sammy loves life! You will never meet a happier little pug, or a pug that is so easy to please, and so full of joy. It’s very clear from spending just a little bit of time with this special creature that he lives life to the fullest.

Sammy doesn’t sweat the little stuff.

Sammy takes advantage of every opportunity to play.

Sammy doesn’t forget to get and give love and always says yes to a snuggle. 

Sammy treasures the relationships with those he loves, and makes sure to spend quality time with them every day. 

Sammy doesn’t care if he is having a bad fur or face day, or even if people think he’s cute, he just wants to be happy.

Sammy never loses touch with the child inside of him, or his sense of wonder and awe at the world. 

Sammy vehemently defends the underdog and is a champion for justice for all. Sammy always believes in doing the right thing and being honest and operating with integrity. 

Sammy is not afraid to be vulnerable. 

Sammy never forgets to stop and smell the flowers, no matter their color, type or size. 

Sammy doesn’t care what people think of him because he knows life is way too short for that. 

Sammy loves a big wide open blue sky, just like Cowbelly! (BTW: I *love* that shot on the left. It touches me in ways I can’t express in words.)

Lastly, Sammy is at peace with the fact that he is a mortal, and isn’t afraid to wear his emotions (or his yawns) on his sleeve, er- collar.

Dogs have so much they can teach us, and in Sammy’s case this is abundantly true. Although it’s hard to live life as he does, and remember the big picture, I think if we remember just one of his teachings every single day we will be happier, more loving, more joyful and more contented spirits. 

Sammy we love you. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Sammy the pug with life lessons for us all

  1. What a special boy. I love the shot of Sammy’s mom kissing his head. It is so touching. Great job, Jamie. I’m going to go hug Buddy now…

  2. What a great post! Love the pictures and your description of Sammy. A true tribute to why dogs are so great! I think Sammy (and your ability to capture such great moments) just made a bunch of people smile from all across the country – how cool is that?

  3. Thank you for sharing Sammy’s story. He is so cute! My heart goes out to his family. He is so dear, puggies are just the best.

  4. Ow WOW! What a truly moving tribute! And such a special pug. You know, that would make a great book, what you wrote, and the photos 🙂 Really cool. Dogs can teach us such wonderful things. Sammy’s such an expressive dude, too!

  5. Now that I have wiped the tears away I can type. That is a wonderful tribute to Sammy and all of these special little four legged, fuzzy creatures that touch our lives, but at the same time teach us humans sooo much about what should be important in life! Thanks to you, Sammy and his mom for sharing! My 3 fuzzy faces and myself send them luv!


  6. Oh boy – this post is really tugging at my heart strings. I love the shots of Sammy in the grass peeking out amongst the grass blades. Lovely pictures and great post. Thank you!

  7. hi jamie!
    what a wonderful post. sammy is so special and touches more people than he even knows.

    what a sweet puggy and a wonderful post.

  8. Awwww man…I am “ferclempt” after reading this post on sweet Sammy the puggie! His story and that incredible face are adoring and makes you want to go hug the world~~~and your pup~! My heartstrings are pulled again! Jamie, I can see why this lil’ guy has you wrapped around his paw! Here’s to his health and pug-spirit! 🙂

  9. Aww, such an adorable face. I have heard too many sad stories about pugs (I work with the local pug rescue group). But despite the medical problems they always seem so cheery, enjoying life, and taking it all in. They really are an inspiration to their non-furry family members: life is precious.

  10. All the best to Sammy and his Mom. My little Charlie had liver issues and didn’t live past 6 months.
    We miss him so much still.

  11. Sammy and his message is so true and thought provoking. I wish I could honestly say I live by his message, but all I can say is, I believe in it and attempt to realize the strength of his outlook on life. He’s a beautiful puggy puppy. 🙂 I hope you can enjoy his love longer than anticipated.

  12. all of our pug thoughts are with sammy and his mom 🙂 love that post jamie, gave us the sniffles and made our eyes run… but reminds us to hop in mom’s lap and give her a pug lovin every chance we get!

  13. Dear Jamie, what a moving tribute to a wonderful pug. I love the life lessons Sammy has shared, and I learned sadly that even a healthy pug can be taken unexpectedly by health issues, so it is important to live every minute to the fullest, just like Sammy does! Thank you again for your tribute. Please keep us posted on little Sammy and tell his mom we will be keeping her and her baby in our prayers.
    Nancy and the fatties in Texas

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