Addy & Balou- shrimpy doodles

More new dog images as promised!

These guys are Addy and Balou- miniature goldendoodles, or ‘shrimpy doodles’ as I like to call them. Addy looks like a weird blend between a wire-haired daschund, golden retriever and gsp. Her mom says she is of ‘questionable’ breeding, hee hee. 

Nichole refers to these blue sky shots as my ‘high fashion photos’. 

FYI: this shoot was mostly for Addy, which is why most of these shots are of her, but of course I had to take some of her buddy Balou since he was there. 🙂

I have been shooting straight into the sun a lot lately. It’s become a strong enough obsession that if I see the sun while photographing a dog, I try and position the dog between myself and the sun. And yes, you guessed it, I love lens flare. By the way, I did some research on shooting into the sun, and the consensus is it’s only damaging to your eyes- not your image sensor. Anyone care to refute the evidence I found in my research?

I was photographing Addy with her mom (that’s Ballou pictured there), when I turned and looked over at her ‘man-friend’. “Oh wow” I thought. “Um, excuse me, can I take your picture?” I asked. He happily obliged, and I was happy he did. 

I have no idea what shutter speed I was using below, but it did some strange things. I like the downtown Seattle skyline in the background. 

Holy intense eyes! I think Addy’s eyes are even more intense than Fergie’s. 

Does Balou not look like a little old man on the left? For reasons I don’t understand he reminds me of a monkey. 

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10 thoughts on “Addy & Balou- shrimpy doodles

  1. You know I am fellow sky shooter. I have to get back on that boat soon. Love the eyes on Addy – the colors you captured are amazing.

  2. The first words out of my husband’s mouth (after seeing Balou),
    “He looks like an overgrown, mutated version of Apple!”
    No wonder I think he’s a doll! : )

    Addy’s eyes really are amazing! Wowsers!
    What fun pups!

  3. ‘holy intense eyes’ is for sure my favorite of the bunch! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll jamie (that made me feel pretty cool yesterday :)), i probably should have asked if i could even add you to mine, whoops!

  4. @ emilee- the blue skies are a combination of bumped up contrast + a bit of vignetting + saving for web- this last bit always seems to intensify the saturation for me. The 5D also produces pretty intense blue skies, even in RAW. And the skies were already an intense blue that day so that helped. Oh, almost forgot! I use the flash sparingly, mostly because I don’t know what I’m doing lol. I used flash exposure compensation here- I think it was -2/3 (?). This helps bring up the shadows in the dog but keeps the sky from getting blown out. I generally only use flash for the blue sky shots taken under the dog, on really bright sunny days when the shadows are very dark, and indoors. The rest are natural light. Still experimenting with flash and have a ways to go yet but I love to learn!

  5. “Shimpy doodles” – I love it! How do you get the sky so blue in your photos? And how often and when do you use flash? I love the shots you take with the sky. The ones with the sun flare are great!

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