2009 Destination travel sessions

First, I *finally* booked my Sonoma travel today. I will be contacting my clients tomorrow to schedule times and locations. I had originally hoped to have 3 clients for each day with 6 total, but in my new quest to not try and do too much I am keeping it at the more manageable 4 that I already have signed up. Yay me! See, I’m learning!

Amazingly enough, a handful of people made it to my workshops page of this blog, and discovered after I updated it two weeks ago that I plan to provide private client shoots in and near the cities that I travel to for the Cowbelly Traveling Roadshow next year. The reason why I find this amazing is I have never formally posted about this on my blog posts- only on that page. You guys are some super sleuthers!

In the past 14 days since I updated the workshops page, I have had requests for travel shoots from people from:

Las Vegas, and
New York

That’s so cool! I love the internets! (yes, I said internets)

I do realize that most people who read this blog have not read my website, and would not have seen the whole thing on what I call ‘Destination sessions’. I have been promoting travel sessions on my regular website since the middle of 2007, and that I finally get to do it with some regularity next year thrills me to no end. I LOVE to travel! 

So, for those who have not made it to the other pages with the Cowbelly Destination session info, this is my formal announcement on the blog!

In 2009 I plan to offer private client sessions in conjunction with the workshops I teach in other cities.

They will all be on location just as they are in Seattle, all provided with the same photography style, only in your neck of the woods, at your favorite parks, at your local landmarks, at your beautiful beaches. I will take a very limited number of clients in each city (4?), and dedicate a day or two to photography. They will most likely need to be held on a weekday, but I will provide plenty of advanced notice for scheduling.

Rates will depend on how much I have going on back home, what other obligations I have in the cities I visit, how much time I have while there, and how many people I have booked, BUT, I can tell you that you won’t need to sell a kidney or take a second mortgage on your house to work with me.

You will find me easy to work with, easy to please, and hopefully, a whole lotta fun. Oh, and I will adore your dog as I do mine, and guarantee him/her a super fun time, that I promise. 🙂

So if you are interested in having me photograph your dog in 2009, and live outside of the Seattle area, give me a shout!

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