balloons! Cowbelly’s newest ‘bag of tricks’ tool

During a recent shoot I was challenged to get sweet Zoe’s attention. We were shooting just a quarter mile away from my house, so I decided to quickly run home to see what I could grab from the doggie cupboard to help engage Zoe. I grabbed noisemakers, treats of all kinds, a broken bubble blower, and upon deep inspection of the cupboard spied Fergie’s favorite special occasion toy- balloons! Here is what we do on a rainy day- we go into the bedroom where there isn’t anything that can get broken, shut the door, and I blow up a bunch of balloons and let her at it and she goes completely insane- bumping them up in the air with her nose, barking at them, biting at them, popping them (of  course). It’s a really cheap way to have A LOT of fun. And hilarious to watch as well.

Needless to say these ended up being a success with Zoe too! And also with Fergus and Lola the poodles as well. I can’t wait to use them again!

timing is everything in pet photography. check out Zoe’s face on the right below. Off the hook!

Sweet, sweet Fergus. You will see more of him (and his sister Lola) soon. 


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