Henrietta the pig cow dog

First order of business: yesterday I threw up a post then quickly added a bunch of stuff (images!) to the blog immediately afterward. If you missed it the first time around, check out this post, then go vote for me for best pet photographer in Western Washington. Feel free to leave a little review too if you *really* love me. The contest is sponsored by Evening Magazine, the local show that Fergie was on in March for the CityDog Magazine art show. She thinks the competition is great but she hopes we win!

Now, onto Henrietta. Upon first glance you think: “Oh Henri is such a cute Boston Terrier”. But then you look a little closer and think: “actually, she looks kind of like a french bulldog”. Then you watch her run and play and think: “or maybe an english bulldog- she sure sounds like one”.

Well guess what? Henri is all three!

Although she is a boston/frenchie/bulldog mix, she LOOKS like a pig, and a cow, and a dog (and sometimes a rabbit), all rolled into one. Her dad refers to her as a ‘the very best mammal medley’.

And with that I introduce Henrietta. MISS pig cow dog. *warning: there are a lot of photos on this post!*

Henri loves her ball!

I kept setting Henri’s ball on this log, and she would push it off onto the ground with her nose, then look up at me and smile. I would then pick it up and set it back on the log, and she would repeat the process. I caught on pretty quick that it was a game but I was happy to partake because she was so cute and cracked me up in the process.

Henri was a great sport during our session- allowing me to ‘plant’ her wherever I wanted, including on the end of this little ‘pier’ out in the middle of swirling water that made me dizzy- can’t imagine what it did to her.

And here ladies and gentlemen, is where we see the rabbit side come out.

“what say you?? you HID my BALL???”

Henri has the cutest bottom lip on a dog ever. That is my #1 favorite body part on a dog, and hers is the best I have ever seen.

I was bragging to Henri about how I can wiggle my ears when she said “Oh yeah? Well can you do THIS?”. Nope, no I can’t. The ‘tongue fold’ is some major talent folks. Henri seriously needs to take that show on the road.

Ha, she found my hiding place on top of the fire hydrant.

Warning: cuteness overload coming right up!

More rabbit ears:

Henrietta’s shoot took place both at the Edmonds off-leash dog beach and at her home, also in Edmonds. I love the variety I was able to capture in her session, and only wish each of my shoots was at multiple locations.

Henri from above. Henri from below. Family room, late sun.

Henrietta is a very well-mannered dog, and not one to jump on counters. Here you see her taking a risk by attempting to get a treat off the counter. We let her do it so as to get these shots you see below. On the right she had finally given up and looked over at me: “Jamie, please get it off for me, pleeeze”

She didn’t need my help because 2 seconds later the treat was gone. Go Henri!

Back outside for more fun in the yard. A new personal fave on the right.


Serious cuteness warning #2! These are two different shots- taken just a second apart. I don’t think I have ever said “you are so cute!!” in a shoot so many times ever.

Henrietta’s dad has this insanely cool collection of wind up toys. Henri thinks they are all the devil’s spawn. Here you see her strategize a snail’s demise.

And here, a monkey meets its maker.

Poor monkey.

Henrietta got this cool new log toy during our session. Here she is sucking on one of the branches. How cute is she, really?

Man I love late afternoon summer light.

Behind Henri is part of her dad’s extensive collection of wind up toys.

She is even cute sideways folks. Now that is a cute dog!!

Henri really ought to be famous, don’t you think? I do! Her cuteness really shouldn’t be contained to just one neighborhood, or even one city, or one state- it should be spread far and wide around the world for all to enjoy!

You can help Henri get famous! How? Just click on the title to this post: “Henrietta the pig cow dog”, then copy the resulting link in the URL window, and send it to all of your friends and family in an email with the subject line: “help Henrietta get famous!”. I’m hoping that if we are successful Hollywood might just want her for their next big film. She can do her patented tongue-fold, crazy-cute head tilt and upside-down smile. Can’t wait to see her on the big screen!

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  1. You really captured the personality of this pup. I love all of these shots. There are so many that I don’t know which is my favorite. I could really see that chest and rocks shots in B/W.

  2. oh oh oh… Charlie has a lil crush…. she is so adorable. her chewing on the stick toy, i melted; and attacking the monkey, i giggled; and henri24 (on the beach, ears up, looking adorable) is my favorite (and the one charlie fell in love with)… amazing work as always, if i were the owner, i have no idea which one to choose! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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