Bert & Millie Three Tree Point

Bert & Millie’s shoot was at one of my favorite locations in Western Washington for dog photography: Three Tree Point in Burien. Three Tree Point is a sweet little beach front community, where the pedestrians and dogs take precedence over cars, every house has a view of the water, and all of the neighbors know each other. 

Bert and Millie love their life down on the beach, and I like to think it shows in these images.

Bert- left, Millie- right.

Bert & Millie are older smooth coated fox terriers. When I read their getting to know you form and saw that they were 10 and 11 I thought “awww, I’ll have a nice mellow session with these older guys”. Apparently I must have forgotten how much energy fox terriers have! Millie proves it here in these shots. I actually love the ones I got of her jumping. Very avant garde.  

Two total happy accidents. The shot on the right was composed in-camera- meaning- uncropped. Like I said- happy accident. 🙂

One of my goals while there was to photograph Millie and her adorable little (human) brother together. Poor boy was so good trying to pose with his little dog, and Millie appeared to be on a springboard the whole time. I did get a couple of really cute shots of them side-by-side on the shore. Then he crouched down to try and give her a kiss and she turned and ran away, lol. Ah, dogs! 😉

Millie digging for clams. No not really, I think she was just looking for leftover treat crumbs I had dropped. 

Bert has very cute teeth. Check out that darling smile on the left. 

They were so cute together with their tennis ball. I was cracking up the whole time. 

Yeah, “mellow shoot for the old dogs”, ha! 😉

I wish that every person who lives on Three Tree Point who has a dog would would have me down to photograph them. I love TTP!! 

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6 thoughts on “Bert & Millie Three Tree Point

  1. oh they look like a blast! and you once again captured one of my fave things about beaches in the NW… I don’t know why, but I love when you do shoots and all the colors of the pebbles come out. I just think it adds such a neat contrast to the doggies 🙂 but that’s my completely-uneducated-dog-mommy opinion 🙂

  2. I know exactly what you talking about I had a fun session with Brillo and Coach, two terriers..
    I love the colors in your photos the intensity adds even more energy!

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