Waiting list/schedule update + thank you

I have just two more weekend days free in October- Sat. 10/17 and Sun 10/18, then not again until the first weekend in November. If you would like to do a fall shoot with me but are only free on weekends please contact me as soon as possible!!

Weekday shoots are available starting on 10/7-10/9, with openings the following week as well.

Keep in mind folks that by the time this month is over, it will be too dark to do after work evening shoots, so you may want to look at taking a day off if you’d like to do a shoot, can’t wait until mid-October, and are only free on weekends. Each week that goes by I will need to start my shoots earlier and earlier in the afternoon (or early morning). So sad!!

For those waiting on rate quotes from me, I promise to get those out asap!

And for those who have been waiting an interminably long time to receive an email reply from me, I am doing my best to reply to everyone. Yesterday I counted and I had 87 flagged emails requiring reply (yikes!).

Also, I will be mailing out prints to 5 clients this week (Henry GR puppy, Mylla, Tyson & Oscar, Zeek, and Daisy), so if you are waiting on that, the time is (almost) here!

For those whose pooches I photographed last week (Henrietta, Kaiya, Zoe & peanut, Bert & Millie, Fergus & Lola) my hope is to get sneak-peek posts online for each of you before Friday, then the galleries online early next week.

It’s slow going but I’ll get there! Busiest summer in 5 years, without a doubt. But I am loving every minute of it!! Seriously can’t imagine doing anything else. You know you are in the right job when it fills you up and energizes you instead of wearing you down and stressing you out. Photographing animals is bliss for me. I HIGHLY encourage everyone to follow their dreams!

Thank you everyone for your patience! Your patience is the best gift you could give me right now. ๐Ÿ™‚


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2 thoughts on “Waiting list/schedule update + thank you

  1. Great post Jamie.
    I am so happy for you. Not many people can not only create their dreams into reality but also allow it in.
    you are very special.

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