Henri Bean

Henri’s mom’s last name is Bean, and I think it is the cutest full name for a dog, so now I just call him ‘Henri Bean’. His mom calls him ‘H’ for short- it’s his movie star title. It’s totally fitting because this boy poses like an old Hollywood film star. 🙂

This is two different shots below, but I just realized it almost looks like it could be the same one. If Henri Bean was a contortionist, lol. 

How cute is H? 

Henri Bean is just as sweet as he looks. And one of the most well-behaved dogs I have ever worked with. 

Color-correcting all of the images above was a challenge (I’d like to use another word here but I’m trying to keep my ‘G’ rating on this blog). The sun was so beautiful, and so low in the sky, and cast this gorgeous intense golden-orange glow on everything it touched. That’s not so great for a dog who already has reddish-orange fur. BUT, I decided to use the light to my advantage for the last few shots. I only wish I had taken more. 🙂

That’s Puget Sound below, the body of water that downtown Seattle sits on. Beyond the sound you see the Olympic Mountain range. Talk about a gorgeous night. I wish everyone reading this could join me for a stroll through the park. It’s breathtaking. 

Some of you may wonder if I am tiring of doing shoots at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Not at all! I am acutely aware of the fact that soon that gorgeous golden glow, the bright green grass, the vivid blue skies and white fluffy clouds will be gone. I am milking this summer for all that it’s worth while it’s still here. With such a gorgeous setting just blocks from my studio, and clients wanting to shoot there, as long as the weather holds, it will be near the top of my ‘favorite locations’ list for Seattle dog photography. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Henri Bean

  1. “H”….you ARE a STAR! He is gorgie and photography is fantastic and creative. Great work. H keep all your fans in your thoughts as you advance your stardom. Jerri & Eric….he is fab! L&J

  2. Cute! Wish I could send them to Mom (and Dad) to see. They would be such proud grandparents of their granddog’s debut. Love the first shot and the split frame photos. What a sweet face! Love to you, Eric, Henri, Lola, Charlie and Cody.

  3. I’d have to say…this is one of my favourite of your posts ever! Henri in front of that first background is just perfect and then all the different locations just look awesome. Did you deliberately set out to try something different with this shoot, I have I just been away too long?

  4. Henri was one of our puppies. Its so neat to see them all grown up, and he is the typical Airedale, full of personality!!

    Judie Cunningham

  5. thanks everyone! and H thanks you too.
    @ Jill (Coursen)- yes that’s the downside of our job- winter, lol! You will just find other equally beautiful things to shoot in the winter. a dog can be happy all year long, it’s just the setting that changes. if you can look for beauty in unlikely places you will do just as great work in January as you do in August. You’ll just have to wear fingerless gloves. 😉

  6. Beautiful shots! I know I’m getting sad that summer is coming to an end 🙁
    This is my first year doing pet photography so I’m not sure how busy I’ll be in the cold Canadian winter. Blah!!

  7. SO GOOOD! I’m so jealous of that sculpture park! Henry Bean is so freaking cute. Love the sunset shots too. Well done as always Jamie. (PS: Thank you for your fast response to my emails, I will be emailing you again today!)

  8. i love his expressions! like he’d just sit there with a cup of tea and listen to you all day. what a sweet face 🙂

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