Teddy & Breyer sneak-peek

Teddy- yellow lab- mom’s dog. Breyer- chocolate lab- daughter’s dog.

update- I realized the sentence above may be confusing to some. The ‘mom’ is my client, the ‘daughter’ is HER daughter. Not MY mom and MY daughter. I have a mom- a great one- but no daughter. Or son. Just a dog. πŸ˜‰

Even though they live many many miles apart, these two boys are still best buddies. It seemed only fair that during the shoot if I took one type of shot of one boy I should duplicate it with the other. And being labs they were all fun and super easy to work with. I wanted to stay there shooting them all day.

We had an AWESOME shoot yesterday and I will post more images from our session next week. I can’t wait to share some of them with you! Wait till you see the black and white processing I did on Breyer’s images. My favorite black and whites to date.Β 

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8 thoughts on “Teddy & Breyer sneak-peek

  1. @nicole. the wall you see in many of my shots is the shady side of one of several very large rusted metal sculptures at the olympic sculpture park. they are hard to describe, but they are about 15′ high and about 40-50′ wide. they are challenging to shoot against in the shade (especially with no flash) at low ISO’s that I like to shoot with, but if you can get some good shots the results can be amazing. I’ll try to remember to take pictures of the sculptures the next time I’m there and post them on the blog.

  2. That wall is a favorite of mine – I think I have seen it in a few of your shots before. Wonderful backdrop for these lovely portraits.

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