Waiting list update + holiday schedule

I am now booked solid for photo shoots through the 18th of September. That is for both weekend AND weekday shoots of any length, in any location. This does NOT apply to the folks we are already in communications with, have indicated they would like to do a shoot, but that we have yet to set a firm date with for the first two weeks in September, OR anyone we may need to reschedule with this week due to the weather (grrrr…).

I am also booked up for new art commissions until early October. (That doesn’t include the two people on the waiting list we have promised to start with the 3rd week in September!). I am planning on a November 10th cutoff date for start dates for holiday art commissions this year. That means if you’d like to order a custom art piece for a holiday gift, you need to contact me NO LATER THAN November 7th, and plan to get your images to me NO LATER THAN November 10th. Sorry to be so firm but you wouldn’t believe how many people contact me to request a custom commissioned art piece within the week or two before Christmas! 

FYI: photography + prints can be done up to 14 days prior to Christmas (specialty products can take up to 6 weeks). But really, for both of our sanity, please don’t wait that long.

So, the NEXT free dates are:

Photo shoots:

first open weekdays: Weds. 9/17 + Thurs. 9/18  (now booked), open: 9/23-9/25

first open weekend: Sat 9/27 and Sun 9/28 

Decopaw art start dates:

earliest date: Thurs. 10/2-Fri 10/3-ish. Will be updated as things change.

Also, depending on how my upcoming studio shoots go (a handful of doggie models planned for the last Sunday of this month), I *may* decide to offer short studio shoots this fall as an adjunct to my location shoots, for those who would really like to give a gift for the holidays. This remains to be seen and depends largely on a) the studio schedule, b) my lighting situation, c) how good my studio shots end up being (they might be terrible, who knows!) and d) how many regular location shoots I end up scheduling, and e) how full my art commission plate is.

I can’t believe I am already talking about the holidays, but given how fast time goes by, and how busy my schedule usually gets starting in September (as if THIS isn’t busy, lol!), I need to start planning in advance.

To the workshops folks who have contacted me, I am in the process of catching up with everyone, and intend to reply to every email within the next 2 days. There are 23 people on my list to contact so it will take some time but I promise to get back to everyone! There is still plenty of room in the October workshop, so never fear if you’d like to register! I know folks want to get good rates on airfare, so I will do my very best to get back to you asap! Also, if you have requested to be placed on the waiting list for the September workshop, you are on it, I promise!

Lastly, I haven’t taken a vacation since the fall of 2005, so at the very first possible chance I am going to split town for a week. This will most likely be during the 2nd week in October, which is not the most ideal time of year for me to try and pull away from the biz but I just have to. I won’t be able to survive the holidays without a break between now and then. 

Thank you sincerely for being so patient with me! It is the best gift I could receive right now. 🙂

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