Zeek at OSP

Zeek. Doodle. OSP.

Yet another gorgeous summer Seattle evening near the downtown waterfront. LOVING the evening shoots! And I’m also loving that my clients are loving shooting at the Olympic Sculpture Park. It’s just a 5-minute walk down the street from my new studio so the location couldn’t be better. I even walk over there with Fergs for lunch sometimes. Every time I’m there I just feel pure happiness and relaxation. I like to think the dogs feel this way there too. 🙂

Love Zeek’s curly butt/back hair.

Zeek lives in a house full of boys- one adult and several children. Apparently he is very patient and and tolerant and lets them climb on him and play with him as an ideal family dog would. There is a baby girl on the way (we had to get the shoot done before she came- Zeek’s mom is like 8.5 months pregnant!), and I suspect she will be more gentle with him than the rowdy boys. Zeek will be a very good older brother to a baby girl. 

Zeek has the coolest wiry but VERY soft fur. 

Isn’t his collar awesome? The color and design are perfect for him. These shots were taken during a break in the shade. That’s the downside of shooting in the summer, even in the late evening- it can still be quite warm. I’m headed up to Edmonds today for a shoot and am waiting until 5pm or so to leave, hoping it will be cooler a little later, so I don’t end up with a bunch of shots of the dogs looking like they are dying of heat stroke. It’s WARM in Seattle today!!

my faves. 🙂

Dogs have such cool noses. I wish our noses were that cool.

Happy Saturday!


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