Support Pasado’s Safe Haven and somebody please adopt Monkey already!

I know what you’re thinking: “What? Who is Monkey?”

This is Monkey. He is a Hurricane Katrina dog, with an unbelievable story, an army of people who love him, and no forever home to speak of (Hurricane Katrina was THREE years ago!!). He is currently at Pasado’s Safe Haven in Washington, just waiting for the person who will love him most to finally come and welcome him into their arms and their home. 

Read Monkey’s story on the Pasado’s website here. Please get your kleenex ready first!

I came across Monkey on Petfinder late one night recently while (very) casually looking for a buddy for Fergie. I was so touched by Monkey’s story, and while I realize that now is not a good time for me to bring a new dog home the very least I could do would be to post about him on my blog. Monkey found a special place in my heart from the moment I read his story, and it is my sincere wish that his perfect forever companion will read this post, and take him home and welcome him into their heart. How could you not instantly love this boy? 

For those who live in the Seattle area who would like to support the amazing work Pasado’s Safe Haven does (the shelter who so lovingly flew Monkey to Seattle from Louisiana), they are having a benefit fundraising wine tasting and silent auction event next week, on Tuesday August 19th, from 6-8 pm at the Lakeshore Plaza in downtown Kirkland. It sounds like a blast!

The link to the event pdf follows:


Christina just asked me from across the room why I kept sighing. I have been trying to keep from crying the entire time I have been composing this post. I fell in love with Monkey upon first sight/read, and his situation breaks my heart into bits. I so wish I could take him home, but know I am not the best person or situation for him at the moment. This also breaks my heart. Words can’t express how deeply I hope he finds his forever home, and soon.

If anyone knows if and when he gets adopted please please let me know. I swear it will make my year.

And if you are looking for a forever companion, please please consider adopting Monkey! Thank you. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Support Pasado’s Safe Haven and somebody please adopt Monkey already!

  1. Awww…
    My first thought was to wonder if I could bring him home after the workshop next month… then I remembered we have two dogs and a cat and live in an apartment.
    : (

    But your blog post will definitely help! I heard about Professor (who was at animal control) via an email and we couldn’t ask for a better doggie. I really hope Monkey finds a fabulous forever home! He’s so cute!!!

  2. If we didn’t already have 2 pups I’d so take Monkey home with us. However I have passed on his story to those at Amazon and am hoping someone will give that sweet boy his forever home

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