Connie Townsend paints Fergie!!

I was at home last week taking care of some things while Christina was in the office (I love having ‘people’), and I called her to get an update. She was talking really fast and all I remember hearing was something like “email…..soooo cool……..connie……magnuson………fergie…….painting………townsend………fergie……wow! it’s so coool!”. “Huh, what is she talking about” I thought. Well, when I got back to the office Christina had already left, but when I went to get something off her computer I saw in her email inbox what she was trying to tell me about.


Happily ever after by Connie Townsend

Happily Ever After, by Connie Townsend

“Oh my GAWD!” I screamed. 

Connie and I had been emailing and it was my turn to reply to her. She asked if she could use one of the images from my Magnuson post on Fergie for what she calls a ‘warm up painting’. Being the extremely busy gal that I am I barely even skimmed her email and didn’t really realize what she was asking me about. I flagged her email for reply, and set it aside with the other 43 flagged emails. 

Well, a few days later I got this in my inbox! To say I was delighted would be a major understatement. I simply adore it in a way I can’t verbalize. The colors, the look on Fergie’s face, her little chicklet teeth, the gorgeous blues in the shadows, the bold chunky brush strokes, ahhhh it’s so awesome!!

Fergie’s painting may look familiar. Connie is the super talented artist who painted ‘Barkalounger‘. 

I need to make a correction to the original post about Barkalounger. It turns out that Connie does not in fact live in Washington State; she lives in Flagstaff Arizona. She is represented by a number of galleries around the country, including the Howard/Manville gallery in Kirkland.

Barkalounger is still at the gallery and still for sale. I think we should start a collection so we can buy the painting for CityDog Magazine editor Brandie Ahlgren!! I can just picture it hanging in the CityDog offices. 

Connie’s dog paintings exude everything I love in life, and dog art especially- pure joy, a sense of abandon, a childlike humor, a goofiness and silliness that tells me that the artist doesn’t take herself too seriously, beautiful, vibrant colors, and a whimsy that is rarely found in fine art. 

Oh what I would have given to have Connie involved in the Dog Rules fatbook! Can you imagine?! (more on that later this week- to my dog art gals- I took high-res photos of every page!!).

Anyhoo, in one of our email exchanges I asked Connie if she does custom commissions. She said yes!

Now, given that Connie’s work is a true fine art painting expect it to be an investment. But I can  tell you from experience, the feeling you will get when seeing your own dog in one of Connie’s paintings is unlike any other I have ever had. I was honestly moved to tears. 

I encourage anyone who has joined me in checking out Connie’s website to seriously consider either purchasing a piece of her art from one of the galleries she is in, or custom commissioning one of your own pooch. Or if you know any art collectors with dogs, please forward this blog post to them. Oh, and in case this is important to you (it is to me!), Connie is just one of the nicest people you will ever meet! I am so happy to add her to my growing list of doggy art and photography friends.

Lastly, and this is a bit of an aside, I have always had so much respect for painters. I know from firsthand experience that painting is not easy. I painted quite a bit when I was young- mostly acrylics, but dabbled a bit in oils (mom was a fine art oil painter for a time), and always felt like it took a really, really special person to put paint on a canvas and manipulate it in such a way that it not only looks the way they want it to, but looks really great at the same time. It’s very very impressive if you think about it. 🙂


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  1. That picture should be in everyone’s office everywhere so it’s the first thing they see in the morning. That’s a great way to start the day! Fergi looks great and the painting just makes me smile.

  2. oh! it’s perfect! the colors, the smiles, (sigh) its miss fergie to a tee! 🙂 i must not show the boys… they’ll be using my card to get one of them done…. 😉

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