Benny corgi puppy

There are few things cuter than a big-nosed corgi puppy with tall straight ears, especially when they smile when they look at you. 

Benny’s shoot was at Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park, which has been the 2nd most popular location for summer Cowbelly shoots next to Magnuson Park, as you will see by upcoming posts. Last weekend I changed things up a bit by heading down to Tacoma for a shoot for 3 yorkies that had me laughing the whole time, and this weekend I’ll be heading over to Marymoore Park for a change of scenery to shoot Dozer with his new baby German Shepherd sister. I’ve seen pictures of her and oh mah gawd, is she adorable. 

No matter how often I go to the Olympic Sculpture Park I do very much love the OSP for dog photography, and you can see why. Last night I did a shoot there that was one of the best shoots I have EVER done. 🙂

One of my faves on the right below. How cute is Benny?

I don’t know if you can tell, but he was totally smiling in this next shot. 

Hope you enjoyed Benny! I have lots more images to share, and will try and get them online very soon. Oh, and my office is nearly set up, just waiting on a rug and some throw pillows, and will then take pictures and finally post about my new office + studio!

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