email is back up!

I am so happy now! 

Although it was a pretty frustrating (and unplanned) way to spend most of the day, and didn’t do anything to help me catch up with my heavy workload, the domain name, hosting and email transfers were long overdue and needed to happen anyway.

I now have all of my email addresses working flawlessly, the website back online and functioning properly, and all but one domain name and hosting account now at godaddy. 

Wanna know what I love most about godaddy? I mean, aside from their amazing customer service? All of the written tutorials and help files. I couldn’t have done all of this stuff today without them.

NOW I love technology. 🙂

Now again, if you have tried to email us, please try again!

If you have called us and not received a reply, please call again!

And, my sincere apologies for any inconvenience our little technology issues (and my phonebook loss) may have caused!!

Ok, back to regular work with me, whew…

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