I’ve been tagged! 2008

Last week I was tagged by the lovely Mia Clapton, uber-talented dog photographer and owner of San Diego-based Thousand Hound Photography.

The rules of the game are as follows:

  1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
  2. Share 5 songs you are embarrassed to admit to others you like and tell why.
  3. Tag 5 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
  4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
This is a toughie for me because I don’t really feel embarrased about any of the music I listen to, regardless of how ridiculous, and I don’t really care all that much what other people think of me, so it’s hard to judge what other people might laugh at. Having said that, if I were sitting in my car at a red light with the windows rolled down next to a really cute guy in a convertible, the following are the songs I would probably hope were not blaring from my stereo at that moment.


1. Duran Duran ‘Rio’, from, well, a bunch of albums. I always have and still do love this song. In fact, I have the CD in my CD changer in my car right now. I had a HUGE crush on John Taylor when I was young, and was convinced we would get married someday. Probably on the sailboat in the video.


2. Madonna ‘Into the Groove’ from ‘You Can Dance’. My dad was impressed with me last night when we were talking about karaoke and I busted out with this song and remembered all of the words. A classic really. I still have the cassette tape (remember those?). You know what? If I were next to cute guy at a stoplight, I’d probably just turn up the song and belt it out with all my heart and then smile at him. Cause that’s just how I am. 🙂


3. Howard Jones ‘Like to Get To Know You Well’ from ‘Dream Into Action’. (can you tell I am a product of the 80’s? my family had free MTV for a year when it first came out and I LOVED it. I swear that was the very best time in my life.). Actually, I love this whole album- every song. Still have the cassette tape for this too. Brings back sweet, sweet memories of a family road trip from Seattle to Southern Cal.


4. Oasis ‘Wonderwall’. Ok, I actually am a little embarrassed about this one. I have a feeling most people are so sick of this song after hearing it 5 billion times when it was popular that if they heard me play it they would probably grimace.


5. Sublime ’40 oz to Freedom’ from the album of the same name. This is so not a CD you would think a 36 year old woman would like, but Sublime is one of my favorite bands (damn that Bradley Nowell for going off and having a heroin overdose and dying before I got the chance to see them live; still pissed off about that), and this song is one of my favorites.


The folks I am tagging for the ’embarrassing song confession’ are:



I look very forward to reading their answers! 🙂


Oh, and, lots of fun stuff coming up this week, be sure to check in often!

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4 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged! 2008

  1. @lesley: ah yes I agree about the following for sublime. what is so sad is that I had the chance to see them play live in a major summertime outdoor music festival in seattle (bumbershoot) and went with a friend who was supposed to have backstage passes. for reasons I never understood, the passes fell through when we got there, but instead of just buying a frigging ticket I left and went home, totally bummed. been kicking myself ever since. I rarely have regrets in life but that is one thing I regret for sure. it was the last summer brad was alive, sigh…

    and yes, their music IS very summery. perfect to listen to at a late afternoon barbeque with a beer in hand. I better go dust off all of my sublime cds because the sun is coming out in seattle! glad to hear I’m not the only one who likes them!

  2. yeah I don’t know too many people that like sublime. But they have some fun songs. My favorite of theirs is ‘caress me down’ even if I don’t understand half the words b/c it is in spanish. It just reminds me of summer. I always wonder what types of music they would have kept producing if no one went out and OD’d. I think they would have had a huge following.

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