Rocksy’s new baby sister Cleo

You guys remember Rocksy, the first pooch to grace this new blog? Well, I received an email from Rocksy’s mom announcing her new baby sister. The family is going to Mexico soon and you can bet that after they get back I will be doing some serious arm-twisting to try and get a shoot scheduled for Cleo. 🙂

This is what Rocksy’s mom says about Cleo:

“So this is it our final addition, she’s an 8 week old chocolate lab/wiemeraner, so funny and cute and so far a very good dog…The cat’s are cautious, Rocksy isn’t bothered as long as she gets her treats, and she’s getting interested in playing.
We figured in for a penny in for a pound once you have 6 pets what’s one more.  A lot of it has to do with Rocksy being almost totally deaf, so Cleo will be our ears and Rocksy’s companion, apart from the fact that she’s a darn cute family dog.”
Is she fargin cute or what?! 

On the topic of Cleo and Mexican vacations (yes, I did mention Mexico earlier), does anyone have any tips on any really good local live-in housesitters that will come and take care of your furry family while you are away? I know when I used to petsit it was always a challenge to find really good live-in overnight sitters that you trust, so if anyone has any tips please leave them as a comment below. I know Rocksy’s mom was still looking for a sitter as of earlier this week and I’d love to pass on anyone I find to them. They live in Shoreline BTW, in a great house and are a wonderful family. Oh, and the pets are all super sweet.

Speaking of Rocksy, here are the prints her mom is going with. Excellent picks IMHO.
Rocksy’s mom will kill me for posting this next shot on the right below. She hates being in front of the camera as much as I do, but it’s just too sweet not to share. Here they are on the stairwell, putting shoes on, getting ready to go to the park; a regular moment in a family’s life. I envision that this interaction has taken place many many times before. These two have been together for Rocksy’s entire life, since she was a tiny baby (she is 12 years old now). Rocksy’s mom found her at a grocery store when she was about 7 weeks old; she was being sold out of a cardboard box if I remember correctly. The bond between guardian and dog here was palpable and I was really touched at their connection. I only hope this will be Fergie and I in 9 years. 🙂


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