RIP sweet Rio 1994-2008

I received an email letting me know that Rio has passed onto the big doggy park in the sky. It fills me with sadness thinking about what a special, gentle soul she was, and how happy she was just to be alive, and that she is no longer in the physical world we inhabit.

But, I have to say that that sadness is tempered by the joy I feel in knowing that a) I got to meet and spend time with such a sweet creature, albeit just for a couple of short hours, and b) we got these photos of her when we did. I also feel joy in knowing she was deeply loved, and had a wonderful life with her family and her canine neighbor friends. I will be thinking of sweet Rio this week and wishing her well on her next adventure- chasing squirrels with abandon and catching up with long lost friends.ย 

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3 thoughts on “RIP sweet Rio 1994-2008

  1. I wish I had photos of her smiling because that is how I remember her. She was one of these really sweet easy-going older dogs who is just happy to follow you and be involved in the action, even if she couldn’t move very fast. The thing is she had a smile on her face the whole time. I think these serious shots were actually a “oooooh FOOD” face on her. I do recall that she loved the treats. ๐Ÿ™‚

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