sweet, sweet Rocksy ‘sneak-peek’

Rocksy was an absolute joy to photograph. She was super sweet and easy to please. Just wanted to be close to her humans and go for a nice walk. Poor girl fell quite ill toward the end of our shoot, but she was a trooper. Her mom reports she is feeling MUCH better now- whew! Must have been all of that grass she ate. 

Rocksy’s little ‘sister’ behind her. She was a huge help with the photo shoot- giving Rocksy treats and helping her stand still. 

We went for a walk in this very pretty park near their house in Shoreline. There was a beautiful stream and tall lush trees forming a green canopy above us. It was hard to believe we were still in the city.

Guess what I found out when we got back to Rocksy’s house from the park? She has guinea pigs!! Ok, Rocksy doesn’t but her family does. There was no way I was leaving that house without getting some snaps of them. On the left we have  Mama June Bug Jones, who was ahem, SUPPOSED to be a boy when she was brought home, in the middle we have father Trucker, and on the right we have the little spinster daughter BeeBee, who is the product of Mama June Bug Jones very much NOT being a boy. Not a boy indeed. Aren’t they an adorable little family?

Daddy and daughter.

Mama June

Apparently Guinea Pigs love to eat clover, so Rocksy’s mom brought home a big batch from the park. They were in heaven devouring it, and let me tell you, that giant green pile of goodness was gone in minutes. I was so happy I had the opportunity to photograph them. I LOVE guinea pigs!!

Oh and, I was also thrilled when I got to Rocksy’s house and discovered she has two feline roommates: Butter and Daphne. They are two of the friendliest, most affectionate cats I have met in a long time. In fact, a moment after we met Daphne was literally in my lap, rubbing against me and sniffing my face. It was hard to take pictures of these two because they were so affectionate. I really needed a camera on my forehead. 

I love Rocksy’s home. Every wall was (tastefully) painted a different vibrant color, and the furniture was modern yet cushy. If I could design a home this is just what it would look like. It was a photographer’s dream. I didn’t know where to point my camera next. Good stuff. 

The shot on the left below is one of my favorites from the shoot. Rocksy has the most beautiful grey-black fur. You just want to bury your face in the fur on her chest. 

Rocksy really wasn’t feeling well at all (she actually gave us a bit of a scare near the end of the shoot), so I felt really bad for her and decided to give her my yellow rubber squeaky toy. I think this made her happy. (see her enjoying it farther down in the post)

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3 thoughts on “sweet, sweet Rocksy ‘sneak-peek’

  1. Those are some great shots. I think Dozer needs another photo session and this time at Magnuson, he loves chasing sticks in the water 🙂

  2. Hi Zoe. I’m thrilled that you like them! That, after all, is my #1 goal. I hate to say this, but there are a ton more where these came from. I think you’ll have close to 100 in your gallery. Don’t worry though, I can help you decide.

  3. OH my GoSh, I love them all, every one of them and they brought a big lump to my throat, the texture of Rocksy’s coat is just beautiful, you captured her just as she is. The guinea pigs are wonderful too and the cats, such big lovers. Now I have to choose? I love each and every one though…..

    Thank you so so much, exceeded my expectations.


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