sneak-peek + contest

Since I can’t show the editorial photography I have done recently for CityDog Magazine until the summer mag actually comes out, I decided to provide a sneak peek of sorts at the shots I have taken for the ‘Dog’s Eye View’ article for the summer 2008 issue.

I am calling this photographic art piece ‘slice of life’.

(I dig this piece so much I am getting it printed as a wide canvas for my bedroom wall. I’ll be making more of these in the future for sure!) You will need to maximize your browser window. Having issues with blogger’s image uploading- hopefully can fix it later so you can view the image larger in a new window. 


This photographic art image is also a contest! 

The first person to accurately guess which Seattle neighborhood this is wins a mini-shoot with me for their dog(s) in the very same neighborhood the shots were taken in!! (note: shoot is good for up to 2 dogs and must take place in either June or July of 2008. Prints are not included)

The ALSO win a year subscription to CityDog Magazine! 


Here is how to enter the contest: leave a comment in the comments section of this post (click on where it says ‘# of comments’), with your guess of neighborhoods, or send me an email to, and the first person to accurately guess wins! Also, PLEASE email me if you leave your guess anonymously as a comment, and/or if you don’t have a link back to your blog/website in your commenting name. 

The neighborhood may seem impossible to guess but there are a few slices that are dead giveaways. 

Good luck and have fun!! 


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