coolest mac product ever…

Ever since I got my fancy new macbook pro in early April I have been wanting to get all kinds of fun, fancy new things to go along with it. Although it has everything on it in the way of software one could ever want (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CS3 + Bridge CS 3, Lightroom 1.0, Dreamweaver, MS Office, etc, etc) it doesn’t yet have anything ON it in the way of casings or even a laptop bag, with the exception of the laptop bag that is part of my camera bag (Crumpler Whickey and Cox).

Laptop bag aside, I found something late last night online (yes, while in bed surfing the web on the mb pro), that has me positively drooling.

‘IT’ is a customized, colorful paint job by a company called colorwarepc.


You can even do different parts of the frame in different colors- the backside, bottom, handrest and display frame are all customizable with about a billion different colors.

They even do ipods, imacs and also HD tvs!! I think there are other products available as well…

As far as I understand the process is done with automotive paint, with a clearcoat finish, and it is a super-tough, and permanent, (gorgeous) way to customize your ‘toy’. And after reading multiple user reviews it seems clear that it doesn’t affect the performance of any electronic equipment or part- even the scroll wheel on the ipod works as good as new!

You can either ship them your existing piece or purchase a new, pre-colored piece from them. You can even order color samples for $5 per sample before you order.

The downside? It voids your manufacturers warranty.

Otherwise, I would be all over the dark cherry color, with a metallic gold apple logo.

Still dreaming about it, still thinking about it. Might just have to get it done on my Blackberry. The tough part is just picking the color.

Aren’t these awesome!?

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